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planetary citizen madariaga

Recently, having a look into Javier Solana's family background, I tried a search about his grandfather Salvador de Madariaga and what I found, makes the claim that Solana was propably especially groomed for his job an more real possibility: I found on the Spanish site of the Theosophical Society a lot of praise on Madariaga and the guy who wrote it - Rene Waldow, titled himself as his pupil and he is working since long time as Chief Representative for the UN in Geneva as Senior Vice President in the Association of World Citicens.(With Honorary President Robert Muller).

"As his student, I was also interested in disarmament and the functioning of the League of Nations so we had many interesting talks. His was a witty and perceptive mind." Rene Waldow on Salvador Madariaga at in the comment section, the original Spanish text can be found at at the Spanish site of the Theosopical Society: LINK

The text mentions also de Madariaga as the incubator of the World Citizens Association (sic):

"As he wrote “If peace and the spirit of Europe are to remain alive, we shall need more world citizens and more Europeans such as I tried to be.” De Madariaga encouraged Henri Bonnet, who had been the League Secretariat member in charge of the Committee for Intellectual Co-operation and who was then living in the USA to create in 1939 the World Citizens Association which he did with the young lawyer Adlai Stevenson and Quincy Wright, a leading professor of international relations at the University of Chicago."

But Madariaga died long ago, so what is so hot about this information? The path leads to information that shows, how in contuination Madariaga and Wadlow connect with players like Ervin Laszló and Gorbatchew who played the game connecting politics and occultism to reach their aims for global governance at least already since the mid 70's as I can show here with documents from the then UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, who was controversial also then, because of his Nazi past:

"MESSAGE BY THE SECRETARY-GENERAL TO THE FIRST PLANETARY CELEBRATION COMMEMORATING THE THIRTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF THE UNITED NATIONS, NASSAU COLISEUM, 24 OCTOBER 1975 I am very pleased to extend my warm greetings to all those who are attending the First Planetary Celebration, which marks the thirtieth anniversary of the United Nations."

UN Secretary Kurt Walheim

(read pages 34ff and save it as long as it is avaiable)

As Planetary Citiens are listed among others (p39,40):

Norman Cousins

U Thant

Konrad Lorenz ("the geese guy")

Paul Henri Spaak (EU founder)

Marshall McLuhan

Lester Pearson

Maurice Strong

Aurclio Peccei (FIAT boss and Club of Rome)

HM Queen Juliana from the Netherlans

Thor Hryerdahl (the boat guy)

Salvador de Madariaga

The Dalai Lama

Arnold Toynbee

Peter Ustinov

R. Buckminster Fuller

John Updike

Kurt Vognegut

William J Butler

Peter Caddy

Sri Chinmoy

Ervin Laszlo (Club of Budapest)

Edgar D Mitchell (the Astronaut)

Rene V.L. Wadlow

David Spangler (Planetary Citizens)

Donald F Keys"

The 2002 Reissue of the Human Manifesto on the Site of the Association of World Citizens (This document was first published in 1972 by Planetary Citizens Registry (no longer in operation) as a full-page ad in the New York Times.)

lists among others:

Boutros Boutros-Ghali
Former UN Secretary General

Fritjof Capra
Founding Director
Center for Ecoliteracy

Ingvar Carlsson
Former Prime Minister of Sweden
Commission on Global Governance

President Jimmy Carter
Nobel Laureate, Peace, 2002

Sir Arthur C. Clarke
Sri Lanka

His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso
the 14th Dalai Lama
Nobel Laureate, Peace, 1989

Paul Ehrlich
Population and Environmental Scientist

Benjamin B. Ferencz
Former Prosecutor at the Nuremberg
War Crimes Trial

President Gerald R. Ford

Ervin Laszlo

Author, Scientist, Founder
Club of Budapest

Federico Mayor (AoC)
Former Director General of UNESCO

Edgar Mitchell
Founder, Institute of Noetic Sciences

Robert Muller
Former Asst. UN Secretary General
Chancellor, University for Peace
Costa Rica

Robert K. Musil
Executive Director
Physicians for Social Responsibility

Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Professor of Islamic Studies
George Washington University

Sir Shridath Ramphal
The Commission on Global Governance
United Kingdom

Martin Sheen
Actor, Activist

Rt. Rev. Bishop William Swing
Founder, United Religions Initiative

Arhbishop Desmond Tutu
Nobel Laureate, Peace, 1984
South Africa

Lynne Twist
Vice Chair, Institute of Noetic Sciences

Muhammad Yunus
Founder & Director
Grameen Bank

John Hennessy
President, Stanford University


Barbara Marx Hubbard
Author, President of Foundation
for Conscious Evolution


The list is very close to the one we find as members of Ervin Laszlos' Club of Budapest: Link

"Creating the New Civilization
One highly promising such initiative was launched in Tokyo in November, 2005 by 14 partners. It is called the Creating the New Civilization initiative.

The fourteen partners of the Creating the New Civilization Initiative are: the Goi Peace Foundation, The Club of Rome, The Future 500, The World Wisdom Council, The Gorbachov Foundation, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality, the Chichi Publishing Company, the Kosmos Journal, the Club of Budapest, Pathways to Peace, E-Square Inc., Global Reporting Initiative Forum Japan."

on the same webpage:

"An invitation to join in World Citizen Diplomacy at the United Nations

by Rene Wadlow, Chief Representative to the United Nations, Geneva of the Association of World Citizens"

In a 2008 book review called "Politics and the Occult" Wadlow praises the achievments of Theosophist heavyweights Mme Blavatsky and Annie Besant. He writes about her mentioning the Kalachakra ritual, that the Dalai Lama Kalachakra ritual would enact regularely for Peace on earth, inlcuding the evoking of 722 deities.

After Wikipedia the present Dalai Lama has given thirty Kalachakra initiations all over the world, and is the most prominent Kalachakra lineage holder alive today. Billed as the "Kalachakra for World Peace," they draw tens of thousands of people. Generally, it is unusual for tantric initiations to be given to large public assemblages, but the Kalachakra has always been an exception.

The Dalai Lama, Kalu Rinpoche and others have stated that the public exposition of this tantra is necessary in the current degenerate age. Link

"Next the Vajra Master asks the local spirits for permission to use their home. Usually the spirits at first do not want to cooperate so to appease them, the assisting monks perform the Dance of the Earth, making symbolic gestures with their hands and feet. The prayers, music and dance subdue all interfering spirits. After the dance, the Dalai Lama receives permission to proceed with the ceremony from Tenma, the earth spirit, on behalf of all the local spirits".Link

The Kalachakra Initiation Empowerment is the most revered of all Buddhist rituals because it is dedicated to creating world peace and harmony. The entire initiation takes eleven days from beginning to end. The word “Kalachakra” refers to cycles of time (kala meaning “time” and chakra meaning “wheel”) writes Mary Margaret Funk a Benedictine nun that had the "unexpected privilege to sit on the stage as an observer of the most demanding and profound tantric rite, the Kalachakra Initiation, held at a site near Bloomington, Indiana, in August, 1999. My role included serving on the organizational board for the event and welcoming His Holiness to Indiana prior to the initiation itself. I was also privileged to organize an interreligious Vigil for Peace at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Bloomington. This vigil was co-sponsored by MID and the Bloomington Tibetan Cultural Center." Interesting enough she writes also here "To the question of whether one could be both Christian and Buddhist, His Holiness replied, “You can’t be half anything.”Still, "On one evening during these eleven days the Kalachakra ritual was interrupted so that all present could attend the above-mentioned interfaith vigil for peace at St. Charles Borromeo Church in Bloomington. The vigil was designed in such a way as to extend the teaching about “peace through compassion” to the wider faith communities of the Midwest. A dominant symbol in the church was a globe of the world placed before the sanctuary. As each person entered the church, he or she would make the traditional pilgrimage gesture of circumambulating this globe. Invitatory prayers were offered by representatives of the Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim traditions. Classical music from Schubert, Ravel, and Dvorak was performed by Michael Fitzpatrick and his group of Millennia Musicians. At one point the entire congregation of 800 persons sat for twenty minutes of silent meditation, after which two children stepped forward and sang a heartfelt Prayer of St. Francis, with the congregation joining in on a refrain. The silence, the children, and the image of the one globe we share said all that needed to be said about peace." (sic) Link

It points to the 12 around one ritual making Earth/Sun/Universe as their "mother Gaia" the new Christ.

Back to the article of Wadlow, who continues: "The idea that humanity is moving into a new cycle, called by many the Age of Aquarius, is a fairly wide-spread belief. Its political implications are as yet unclear. The belief in a new age is articulated by President Ahmadinejad of Iran in the form of the return of the Hidden Imam. Fortunately, there are other presentations as well. I think that the best overviews of the political forms that the New Age will take are set out in Mark Satin New Age Politics: Healing Self and Society (New York: Dell Publishing, 1978, 349pp.) and David Spangler and William Irwin Thompson Reimagination of the World: A Critique of the New Age, Science, and Popular Culture (Santa Fe, NM: Bear and Co, 1992, 218pp.) We can see some of the New Age political patterns in the increased role of women, in the idea of networking, in the growth of citizen diplomacy, and the ecological concern for the welfare of the Planet". Link,on "New Age Politics" see also Link

Rene Wadlow is also mentioned together with Gorbatchev as "Global Leader" contributing at

I also found a 2010 April book review from Wadlow on another Theosophical site on a book about Gurddjieff, which comes as no surprise as the Sufi link was visible in plain sight:

On Rumi Wadlow states on the Theosophical site (very close to the obove mentioned 12 around one ritual):

"The lamps are different but the Light is the same... If you're still looking at the lamp you've lost, then there arises number and plurality. Stare into the light and so the dualism wil lead to the inherent finite. Believers are many, but his faith is one, their bodies are many, but the soul is One "(2) Rumi developed a form of a moving meditation combining symbolism and teachings that became the basis of the Mevlevi dervishes, called teh spinning dervishes, popular in Arab countries. Participants represent the turns of the planets around the Sun, ie a symbol linked to the center of humanity is God, the source of Life. Rumi sought to draw a system in which sound, movement and concentration of thought at one point, would lead to an end of the personal and to the union with the Higher Self" Link

Madariaga student Wadlow has also an own page at the Theosophical Community: Link

As I ointed out before in different articles May 22 is an important day for the occult elite in their "12 around 1-ritual". Besides the Catholic day for Eucharestie it's also the UN day for biodiversity.

Besides the year for "Rapprochement of the Cultures 2010 " the Spanish theosophical Website also points to its importance: Link

And last week, exact on 2010, May 22 happened the re-bury of the skull of Nicolas Copernicus, who had demonstrated that the Earth is round and rotates around the Sun. Link
This date was decided already last year in December: Link
Following this weekend on 2010 Monday May 24, Brittany Murphy's husband Simon Monjack was found dead in the same Hollywood Hills home where his wife died in December.
"Brittany Murphy
14K gold skull & crossbone pendant by Dare 2 Diamond
(Skull & Crossbones Pendant With Diamond)"
Featured in JCK Magazine (04.06) Link

Also Slipknot bassist Paul Gray was found dead in a hotel this morning. The cause of death is unknown Link
Slipknots picture named "Skull" refers to the same theme:

At the same day New Age musician Jean Michel Jarre continued his World Tour after a longer break.

« I listened to all of Jean Michel Jarre’s albums obsessively, to the point of knowing every note by heart. His music accompanied me as I wrote « 2010 : Odyssey Two ». His concerts are always a celebration of wonderment… »

Sir Arthur C. Clarke, futurist, cult science fiction author of 2001 and 2010. Link

Arthur C. Clarke was also a World Citizen after Rene Wadlow: Link

Connecting Earth and skull seems very theosophical. Madame Blavatsky: In the words of a commentary on the Secret Doctrine...

"The circle emanates a light which becomes to our vision four-cornered; this unfolds and becomes seven." Here the "circle" is the first sephira "the kether" or crown, the Risha Havurah, or "white head," and the "upper skull." Link

"It is averred in Occultism that the land or island, which crowns the North Pole like a skull-cap, is the only one which prevails during the whole Manvantara of our 'Round.' All the central continents and lands will emerge from the sea bottom many times in turn, but this land will never change. (SD 2:400fn; see also 330, 372fn, 400-1, 408fn, 606fn). Link

"The white head, "which conceals in its cranium the spirit", Blavatsky Secret Doctrine Link


from the two parts are produced the universe, above and below; and the duplex heaven, in the Kabala, the higher and the lower,

or Heaven and Earth, are said to have been formed of the “White Head,” the skull or cranium being the luminiferous Ether."

Blavatsky Collected Writings volume 10 Page 147, Link

Looking for World Peace, Nuclear Profileration, fighting Climate change and Poverty in an demonic human endeaveour without the Lord will lead to ultimate population reduction, death and chaos. When they say peace and safety and unity...sudden destruction is at hand.

Oh Lord, come soon!

stay tuned!


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