Monday, May 31, 2010


MADRID, May 31. (EUROPA PRESS) - - 9.15 pm: Miguel Angel Moratinos chairs the institutional presentation of Massivegood global solidarity movement, in the Casa de America. Attending Javier Solana, Jorge Bermudez and Phlippe Douste Blazy. Link ....same day(!): "The Foreign Ministry called in the morning the Israeli ambassador in Madrid, Raphael Schutz, to know what happened in international waters and the status of the Spanish crew. For an hour and a half, the ambassador contributing to Miguel Angel Moratinos, who was in Geneva representing the EU, called for "information as soon as possible" of aid workers and journalists and their "immediate repatriation." He also moved to diplomatic condemnation from the Spanish Government against what he called the military action "completely disproportionate", stressed that what happened is a "severe blow" to the peace process seemed to be on track after recent talks between Palestinian and Israelis with U.S. mediation. Later, the Foreign Minister made it clear that the Executive supports the end of the blockade of the Gaza Strip by the Israeli authorities and asked for a neutral investigation of the facts and to identify responsibilities." A condemnation of the Government noted that "the use of force is never justified." Even President Rodriguez Zapatero said on leaving the Congress that the acts were "serious and worrying." Link

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