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Do you remember my post from may 6 about all the EU Police and Security officers in Spain discussing anti-terrorism measures with the AoC? (see here:

Now there has taken place another meeting for them at May 5, also in Spain:

"The Parador de Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) held last May 5 a less publicized summit of the Spanish EU presidency: the bringing together the heads of the major intelligence services in Europe. Not a picture, or a press release, or a reference on the official website, which outlines to the most petty bureaucrats and experts meetings. Yet, the category of the guests assembled in Alcalá made to come to greet the Deputy Prime Minister Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega. Attending were those most responsible for the main domestic intelligence services in Europe: the British MI5, the Federal Office of Defence of the German Constitution (BfV), the Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence French (DCRI), the Bureau of Intelligence and Homeland Security Italian (AISI) and the Spanish National Intelligence Center (CNI), which acted as host. In total, 29 secret services, all of the EU plus Norway and Switzerland, as part of CTG (Counterterrorist Group), created after the 11-S in the U.S..

The threat of terrorism 'jihad' was the focus of the meeting. CTG members gather so smoothly that transcends rarely twice a year, the country holding the rotating EU presidency. It comes from the Club de Berne, an informal forum which for decades served to promote contact between the heads of Western intelligence services, but specializes in the sharing of intelligence analysis on the risk posed by the emergence of terrorism ; its procedures, methods of financing and recruiting system.

The appointment of Alcala de Henares coincided with the assassination attempt of Times Square (New York), which again put on the table difficult to neutralize this invisible enemy, but the main novelty was the presence in the whole of the European counter-terrorism coordinator , Belgian Gilles de Kerchove.

The former High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) Javier Solana, the Spaniard, created the SitCen (Situation Centre) as an office to provide sensitive information and intelligence analysis to the European Council. (read more about it here: SECRET TRUTH, )

However, the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon on 1 December, an opportunity to make a qualitative leap because it envisages the creation of a European External Action Service (EEAS) or adoption of a defense policy common. "The intelligence services will probably be the last bastion of sovereignty of States, much more reluctant to share information that the coin", says one expert, "but if we want a European diplomacy and European defense building of a European intelligence service will fall under its own weight. Terrorism, cyber attacks, illegal immigration, drug trafficking or speculation against the euro does not threaten a particular country but to Europe as a whole. " So far, in his address to the heads of the spies in Alcala de Henares, Fernandez de la Vega urged them to overcome old suspicions and intensify cooperation. The head of the CNI, General Felix Sanz Roldan, was commissioned to meet with Solana's successor, the British Catherine Ashton, and transfer you to the conclusions of the meeting."Link

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