Thursday, May 20, 2010


"Former High Representative for the EU's foreign policy, Javier Solana, said today to be welcoming the agreement reached by Brazil and Turkey with Iran to the latter enrich uranium outside, but recommend not to lower our guard.

In a meeting with a group of journalists, Solana recalled that Brazil and Turkey have always wanted to play an important rol e in the region and now they can do it with the blessing of the great powers. In this regard, he recalled that both countries are permanent members of Security Council of the United Nations.Javier Solana said the Iraq war was a mistake because the overthrow of Saddam Hussein has given oxygen to Iran and warned of the great power that accrues to Revolutionary Guards, a body formed by people who not only defend the essence of the regime but also companies that control oil resources.

The former High Representative for the EU's foreign policy also referred to the document being prepared for the Spanish government security strategy, which is based on the idea that the security of a country under the Ministry of Defence is a responsibility of all citizens. He said that the report lays the groundwork for what Spain wants to define as safety and specified that it will contain proposals on issues that must be changed, but he will not say anything about how it should be done, since that would be the work of the Government and Parliament."


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