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Universal Welfare with Solana and Yunus


"We must start living a life with a different look, in full color. We must, one more time, dream and love. The Sleeping Beauty must wake up and rescue the Forgotten Continent. The American Giant will fall in love, one more time, with theSleeping Beauty."

As it is so beautifully advocated by the Earth Charter, it is necessary, in this beginning of the century and the millennium, a new order, “a new beginning”.

FEDERICO MAYOR ZARAGOZA, Alliance of Civilizations EMINENT PERSON and former Director General of UNESCO from 1987 to 1999, in his THE MONFORT PLAN's Foreword in January 2010 Link

"I met
Rodrigo de Rato Figaredo in June 2008 in Madrid. In March 2006, I had sent Rodrigo a letter with some of my thoughts for a redefined capitalism. Rodrigo was Spain’s Finance Minister from 1996 to 2004 and Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund from 2004 to 2007. The letter was part of a group of ten letters that I sent to the following individuals besides Rodrigo: Joaquín Almunia, Raymond Baker, Josep Borrell, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Hernando de Soto, Susan George, William Greider, and Jeffrey Sachs. At

the end of our meeting I gave Rodrigo a paper I had finished a few days before in the class The European Union and the Challenges of the Twenty-first Century that I took at Columbia University in 2008. I finished the paper in May 2008. Subsequently I mailed a copy of the paper and a letter to the European Union’s 27 Commissioners and to President José Manuel Durão Barroso in an attempt to tell these important leaders that it is time. It is time to move ahead. It is time to never give up and fight the great evils of our time. It is time to start materializing utopia, to start dreaming of the History of Tomorrow." from the new fake Messiah Jaime Pozuelo -Monfort: under "It's time". (pictures above also from his website).

Did this lead the commission to decide this??:

roposal from European
dated: 3 July 2009
Subject: Proposal for a Decision of the European Parliament and of the Council
establishing a European Microfinance Facility for Employment and Social
Inclusion (Progress Microfinance Facility)
Delegations will find attached a proposal from the Commission, submitted under a covering letter
from Mr Jordi AYET PUIGARNAU, Director, to Mr Javier SOLANA, Secretary-General/High
Encl.: COM(2009) 333 final

2005. "Last week, the Clinton Global Initiative was held in New York and in coming days, there will be exciting news about Unitus' involvment in the Initiative". Three sessions on poverty. 1st with Javier Solana 2nd. With Muhammas Yunus 3rd with Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University and CFR.

Solana and Microfinance:


Link "

The pool of experts includes some of the finest academics and practitioners in the areas addressed by The Monfort Plan. Their wisdom and expertise will feed the story-telling process..."

The Chief Dreamer needs a chief of staff.

Enrice Mora (CST) is the chief of staff of the former EU High Representative of Foreign Affairs and Common Security Javier Solana. I met Enrice on June 24, 2008, at the Justus Lipsius Building of the Council of Europe in Brussels (Belgium).

The Chief Dreamer will inhabit La Monfortcloa along with five Spaniards and The Africans.” p. 430 of:

The Monfort Plan: The New Architecture of Capitalism by

Jaime Pozuelo-Monfort


also here: page 333. to introduce the socalled YUNUS as global currency! LINK


The new architecture of capitalism is based upon four pillars. The four pillars are dream, love, cornucopia and eutopia. We must dream and love to reach the world of cornucopia and eutopia.
Cornucopia is global food abundance. Eutopia is the delivery of global public goods, the delivery of a universal welfare state" LINK

J.P.M. graduated from Universidad Politecnica de Madrid in 2000 with a master's and a bachelor's in telecommunications engineering, having also studied two years as an exchange student at Telecom Paris andUniversitat Stuttgart. Subsequently he earned master's degrees in business administration from College des Ingenieurs in Paris, in financial economics from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, in financial engineering from theUniversity of California at Berkeley, in economic development from the London School of Economics, and in public administration from Columbia University. He is currently pursuing a master's in international law and politics at Georgetown University and is preparing to apply to a master's in history at Oxford University.Link

-See more one the concept of this strange plan and their next steps here: Link

-See also the list with possible connected leaders here: Link

-See video from Spanish TV introducing monfort: Link

"European Commission and AKDN Sign Joint Declaration Aga Khan...During his visit to Brussels, the Aga Khan held discussions with the European Commissioner for Development Louis Michel, the European Commissioner for External Relations Benita Ferrero-Waldner, as well as the EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy and Secretary-General of the European Council, Mr Javier Solana... His Highness the Aga Khan is the 49th hereditary Imam (spiritual leader) of the Ismaili Muslims, a community comprised of ethnically and culturally diverse peoples living in over 25 countries around the world. A Harvard graduate in Islamic history, the Aga Khan succeeded his grandfather as Imam of the Ismailis in 1957.,-Switzerland.html

"Microfinance Focus, April 20, 2010: Microcredit Summit Campaign announces the launch of the National Host Committee for the Global Microcredit Summit to be held in the month of November 14-17, 2011 in Valladolid, Spain. The Queen of Spain, Secretary of State for International Development Soraya Rodriguez Ramos, Muhammad Yunus and many other distinguished leaders participated in the launch. More than 2,000 delegates from more than 100 countries expected to come to Valladolid for the Summit next year. Link
Spain is the second largest bilateral donor to international microfinance". Link

"In her speech, Queen Sofia called microfinance “one of the most powerful engines and solidarity” for Africa’s fight against poverty. She praised Bangladeshi economist Muhammad Yunus for being “able to give shape to an idea so simple and yet so great.” The Queen did not forget to also highlight the contribution of private banks and savings banks, with a special reference to Microbank created in 2008 by La Caixa, which has already granted over 60,000 micro-, before inviting all delegates to the World Summit Microcredit will host Spain in the next 14 to 17 November in the city of Valladolid.“It will be the first time that such a summit is held in a European country,” recalled Queen Sofia" Link

"Inaugurated by Her Majesty Queen Sofia on 2005 October 26th, the SecondEuropean Microcredit Conference entitled "Microfinance for financial and social inclusion" was organised by EMN in partnership with two of its Spanish members: Obra Social "La Caixa" (today MicroBank) and Fundacio Un Sol Mon de Caixa Catalunya (today Obra Social Caixa Catalunya - Inclusio Social) and with the support of the European Commission and the Levi Strauss Foundation".Link1 Link2

"A world that faces a challenging paradox. A world that has never seen so many opportunities to eliminate poverty and inequality. A world that needs a new social leader able and willing to set the pace of change. Old Europe, where are you? Old Europe, who leads you? Old Europe, shall you react?" Jaime Pozuelo-Monfort Link

"Let's drive today's society to the World of 2050, a world of global public goods and a global currency and a world without diplomacy or borders", same author under "Chief Dreamer" Link

"The New Architecture of capitalism is the beginning of The History of Tomorrow. We shall determine our own fate. We do not need Nostradamus or the Next Nostradamus to dictate that the models predict a World War III. There shall be no World War III if we defeat the Axis of Feeble. There shall be no World War III if we embrace the extreme poor and the environment." also Jaime Pozuelo-Monfort Link under "History of tomorrow"

"The last time I visited the European Union offices in Brussels its top official quickly got to the core underlying hope for the unity of Europe in this era."After this, we will have no more wars," the impressive Spaniard Javier Solana stated firmly, but also with a touch of wonder, "because our states will simply be too intertwined for that to be possible." Link

In this article I was concentrating on this strange M-Plan and the links to Solana and Yunus. But there is much more to it. Cleary Monfort refering to Maltus (p.65 of his book), Yunus at the Board of Ervin Laszlos Club of Budapest and Solanas involvement with the Club of Rome show another link and hint to the common ideological basis. To have a better overview about the background of this Microcredit System and the influence of Rockefeller, UN an Co. in this I recommend this outstanding article: Link

... and please do not forget to have a look at my post update before also from today on the "European Madariaga Holy Mess of Santiago de Compostella..." Link

stay tuned!


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