Sunday, May 09, 2010

Weekend in Europe

just some short lines today.
thought it was interesting to see how they closed, opened, closed and opened again the airspace in Europe as this weekend in Dublin the meeting of the Trilateral Commission took place. (Link) Also one of their 3 leaders comes from there: Peter Sutherland is chairman of BP and also chairman of Goldman Sachs International. He was appointed chairman of the London School of Economics in 2008. He is currently UN special representative for migration and development. Before these appointments, Sutherland was the founding director-general of the World Trade Organisation. He was presented with the Robert Schuman Medal for his work on European Integration and the David Rockefeller Award of the Trilateral Commission. read more about his career here: (Link). It was right after the UK election (and probably such also deciding on the fate of David Miliband, his brother Ed Miliband (Link) and EU Foreign Supremo Ashton, or they still wait for the Bilderberg outcome?) and at the same time while US Vize President Joe Biden and U.S. National Security Adviser, Gen. James Jones had talks in Spain with PM Zapatero and King Juan Carlos. Biden also talked to the Europan Parliament and cited William Butler Yeats in his speech about change, the "terrible beauty" and the common fight against extremists.(Link) So still surprised that suddenly the help about 750 Mio Euros for Greece is a done deal? (Link) Today it was also revealed that Zapatero and Queen Sofia have intention to attend the annual meeting of the Bilderberg Club, which this year will take place at Hotel Dolce Sitges, Barcelona, between March and June 6.(Link)
stay tuned!

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