Sunday, June 06, 2010

beast lingo

Ban Ki-moon, Luiz Inacio da Silva and Recep Tayyip Erdogan
at the UN conference in Rio de Janeiro in May 2010, Photo: AP
Yesterday I wrote:
"This week I had unknowingly attended a speech of a member of the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission (...)on "the change and what comes after", proclaiming the crisis is a sign that "we are at the start of a new cycle".
4 problems were given to explain the reason for need to enforce global governance:
"- the economical crisis
- the restructuring of the global economy with BRIC countries emerging and having much more influence than before
- the current crisis of leadership and with notfunctioning democratical structures the institutions will get restructured,
- the effects of climate change, and with it the citizens would have to learn a new form of behaviour."
"Investment in R+D instead of Consumer goods. This is a learning program during its course the man on the street "has to learn" how not to spend less as there is nothing left for him anyway. Additionally they will introduce a "moral culture", where the little citizen is kept submissive through the acceptance of moral and global rules under the elites close surveillance and can feel honoured and fine with nothing in his hand to feed his children." LINK

Today I read this article on the outcome of the Alliance of Civilizations meeting in Rio:

"The Alliance of civilizations will face new challenges for the future and the World will have to decide about the most suitable strategies for a new Development Agenda. In a time of uncertainty and uncontrolled global financial crisis, the World must focus more and more its attention on launching the basis for an Agenda of New Ideas centered in the drivers of high growth rate and civil society capacity of creating and developing added value for the international market. This is the real(ly) basis for the action of the Alliance of Civilizations.The Alliance of Civilizations must be an Idea of Change. In the Alliance of Civilizations there is a strategic challenge focused in the capacity of attracting New Investments, New Talents and a New Ambition for an Agenda for the future....The State, the Municipalities, the Companies, the Universities, in a word, Civil Society must give the example. It´ s time to believe in a new cycle for a changing world. Reinventing the European Dream and giving the European Actors (States, Universities, Enterprises, Civil Society) the opportunity of developing new challenges focused on innovation and creativity is in a large sense giving a central contribution to the reinvention of the world....This is the idea of the Alliance of Civilizations .This is a challenge for the future that is the basis for our present. We must be able to win a new ambition for our land. For our people. For our citizenship. We must be able to effective construct an Innovation Society mostly based in our individual attitude in a complex global world. It ´s a challenge we must be able to answer with success."
"Francisco Jaime Quesado is the General Manager of the Innovation and Knowledge Society in Portugal, a public agency with the mission of coordinating the policies for Information Society and mobilizing it through dissemination, qualification and research activities. It operates within the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education" LINK

Interesting how much this "opinions" resemble and are akin to each other...

stay tuned!


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