Tuesday, June 15, 2010


"Washington - General David Petraeus, head of US military operations from the Arabian Gulf to Central Asia, collapsed Tuesday during a Senate hearing into growing problems for NATO troops in the Afghanistan conflict.

Petraeus grew faint while testifying before the Senate committee, but was able to leave the room under his own power, leaning on someone for support, broadcasters reported.

After being examined by a physician, he returned to the hearing room, and noted that he was apparently dehydrated from not drinking enough water in Washington's early summer heat.
(farmer: he had just had a zip before, after the collapse: one man grabs the half-full glass of water in front of him,other aide fills the half-full glass of water with even more water from the total full water pitcher on the table, which could be interpreted as offering more water, but also as creating an "untouched" glass of water: LINK)

The committee decided to postpone the hearing until Wednesday, when the House of Represenattives had also planned to hear Petraeus' update on Afghanistan."

"Gen. Petraeus’ Gold Rush

As the war in Afghanistan worsens, its American proprietors have suddenly discovered that, far from being a quagmire, the country is a jackpot of “nearly $1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits…far beyond any previously known reserves.”

Trumpeted in a front-page New York Times story, quoting Gen. David Petraeus no less, this “revelation” comes at a time when, the Washington Post points out, “Bad news from Afghanistan came in a steady stream last week,” including increasing casualties and corruption as the “perception that the clock is ticking on the U.S. mission pushes Karzai toward building and defending his own family network, and favoring aides who can talk to Pakistan–and maybe the Taliban–over those close to the United States.”... Link

"“There is stunning potential here,” Gen. David H. Petraeus , commander of the United States Central Command, told the Times. “There are a lot of ifs, of course, but I think potentially it is hugely significant.Link

"The GDP of Afghanistan is only about $12 billion. So, it’s big news that the country may be sitting on $1 trillion of untapped mineral deposits—of gold, iron, copper, cobalt, niobium, etc. Around a $223 billion chunk of these Aladdin reserves may be in lithium, oil and gas. This is as per a Pentagon assessment, but based on geological data processed by the Afghans, Brits, Americans and Soviets over time" Link

This happens the day Javier Solana receives the Golden Fleece from King Juan Carlos of Spain. Link

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