Wednesday, June 02, 2010

letter and spirit



video: europapress under the picture of Corrado Giaquinto titled "Absalom's Death"

"Spanish EU Presidency - Carme Chacón, Spanish Defence Minister: 'In today's world, either we act together or we all fail.'

Civilian and military officials of the EU's Member States and NATO have met in Madrid for a seminar organised by the Spanish Presidency to reflect on how to consolidate and improve the strategic relationship between the two organisations. The aim is to foment debate, above all from a technical and operational perspective, but with a strategic end, such that the contributions of those taking part can be used in drawing up each country's security and defence policies and at the EU's institutions in Brussels.
...In his opening address, the ex-Secretary General of NATO and former High Representative of the Union,
Javier Solana, referred to the need to 'to take the letter and spirit of the Treaty of Lisbon to its logical conclusion'("the EU can not be quiet,''but has to''step forward''and''make the effort to bring the spirit and letter of the Treaty of Lisbonto its ultimate conclusion" Link) in order to take full advantage of all the potential offered by the new institutional framework with regard to establishing enhanced cooperation structures and developing the European Defence Agency. He also stressed the need to strengthen civilian and military cooperation between the EU and NATO and to look for a way out of those crisis management operations which do not fit in with the Berlin Plus (2003) agreement, which allows the Alliance to support missions directed by the EU in which NATO as a whole does not take part.

The seminar has been organised by the Spanish Ministry of Defence, in coordination with the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton, and in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation."

"Madrid, June 2 (EFE) .- The Minister of Defence, Carme Chacón, today demanded the opening of "an immediate, complete, impartial and transparent",investigation that would clarify what happened in the assault on the "Freedom Flotilla "en route to Gaza and thus"of accountability. "

Chacon has made these statements at the opening ceremony of the seminar on the strengthening of EU-NATO relations, which has also been involved former EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana.

The defense minister stressed the importance of cooperation between the EU and NATO, which allows you to "establish" the necessary mechanisms for "dealing with conflicts and managing crises such as that just happened recently in international waters off the Gaza Strip. "

Chacón recalled that both NATO and the EU and the Spanish government have condemned the loss of lives and expressed their condolences to the families of the victims.

For everything that happened, highlighted the need to open an immediate investigation to clarify what happened to debug the responsibilities "under international law."

...Noting that the "world of today and tomorrow will be very different from the world of yesterday", but "terrorism and piracy continue to be" present, Solana said that "no crisis must change the structure, objectives, projects and the heart of what has been the EU, and must remain, "nor should be changed" in "deep sense"of what the Atlantic Alliance is.

According to Solana, there are new challenges such as having to do with cyberspace, where they will produce "very profound security challenges" and is "very significant changes in some countries" on internal power transfers to non-governmental, of which he said "some are good and others are" terrible" and had become "global players for evil"and not for good. EFE"Link

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