Monday, June 21, 2010

names under Ashton

"A key obstacle delaying the establishment of the new European Union diplomatic corps was removed yesterday after Lady Ashton, the foreign policy chief, and MEPs agreed to a compromise over the service's budget and other features.The result of the bargaining is that MEPs will have a say over a large portion of the External Action Service's finances, as well as the obligation that they be informed in advance of strategic and policy decisions."This means we can now proceed with the service and have a functioning External Action Service in place by the autumn," Lady Ashton said following a meeting in Madrid. She urged the full parliament to move quickly to endorse the agreement." Link, Link

According to one senior EU worker Helga Schmid, former office manager of Joshka Fischer, will propably be one of the three deputies to be Ashton. Schmid has been working in the EU Council and was the former head of the planning staff of Javier Solana. The post of executive Secretary-General directly under Ashton will reportedly receive a Frenchman - French Ambassador to Washington Pierre Vimont. The Polish Euro-Secretary Mikolaj Dowgielewicz is named as the third deputy of Ashton. His department was responsible for the high disputed EU sex scenes clip in 2007.Link, Link

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