Sunday, June 20, 2010

Operation Solana - a safer card?

Solana filling the Spanish news as joker for a new government
"A Key Meeting in Madrid. On Monday the main actors who if they agree, will give the go-ahead in the race to shape the future diplomats of the European Union, are in the capital of Spain.The High Representative for Foreign Policy, "the head of the new service," Catherine Ashton, the European Commission Vice-President and Commissioner for Institutional Relations and Administration of the EU, ŠEFČOVIČ Maros, the head of legal services by the European Council Jean-Claude Piris, the three managers of the case in the European Parliament: Elmar Brok, Guy Verhofstadt , and Roberto Gualtieri, and Spanish Foreign Minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos. All can make the Spanish Presidency of the EU happy, which is about to come to an end (by end of June), if they close a deal."

At the same time lot of talk in all Spanish newspapers that Zapatero is about to reshuffle his government this week due to the govermental/economical situation in Spain and among the many names one is always popping up, the one of Javier Solana. They connect this "card"("reshuffling") with the expression "credibility", exact like a credit card. Link, Link, Link.
Some name him as possible new Foreign Minister, some say he could even replace Zapatero. There was also an article titled "Operation Solana", which sounded quite prophetically (you will see why):
"The old guard Felipe has a safer card, and sometimes it is used as a possible solution in case of emergency. This card has printed on it the image and the name Solana. For various reasons, in certain coteries Socialists increasing talk of a former senior foreign policy representative of the Union. No doubt a man of international reputation, well regarded in Europe and NATO, great friend of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, and highly respected authority in the game by virtually all sectors. Solana age has retired, but his years are ideal for the moment we live, where the experience and connections are valued above mere youth. His name each other to raise objections highlighted as a vice, including economic, or foreign portfolio, where he fits perfectly. It would strengthen the image of the executive with a heavyweight reputation, which may serve to further substantiate the cabinet and reassure the markets. Of course, some go much further, and speak directly of what is the replacement of Zapatero by Solana. At the current situation, with accumulation of errors and a crisis compounded by the management clearly wrong by the Prime Minister considered that it would be best to finish ZP quit the legislature and gave way to a person's projection for global and Solana remarkable form a government until the end of the legislature and call elections without implying that Solana himself was the head of the Socialist list." Link

At the same time ministers in Germany praise the new biometric Id-card (also here: image and name) which can be connected also to the Internet for identification, online-banking (as a credit card) and online-shopping. "Das kleine neue Schätzchen"-"the little new deary" as Minister for Inner Affairs Dr. Thomas de Maizière (=18 letters) labeled the new card is connected to the number 6: Introduction date: 01.11.2010 (sums up to 6), from the age of 24 (2+4=6) it costs 28, 80 EUR (sums up to 2+8+8=18=6+6+6). The old prize was 8 EUR, which makes the new one more expensive by factor 3.6. In the age between 18 and 24(=6years) the prize is 19,80 (1+9+8 again= 18,aka 6+6+6), the factor from 8 Eur is 2,475 (2+4+7+5 again= 18). If it gets lost or stolen you dial 0180-1-333333 (ends sixscore three =threescore six) Link, Link

Two days before (june 15) Germany saw the farewell ceremony of German President Horst Koehler, after his sudden and unexpected resignation. He wished himself the "St.Louis Blues", a song which talks about humiliation and the need to go. His last action was to sign the new economical measures in Germany. Has he been forced to do so? I am not alone with this theory.
"I hate’s to see dat ev’nin’ sun go down
Hate’s to see dat ev’nin’ sun go down
Cause ma baby, she done lef’ dis town.
If I feel tomorrow lak ah feel today
Feel tomorrow lak ah feel today,
I’ll pack up my trunk, and make ma git away."
Link, full lyrics: Link, MP Gauweiler talking about "Koehler beeing forced" here: Link
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