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massive attack: 2 cents for the good doctor



update on http://freiberg.blogspot.com/2010/05/ship.html where I hinted that Javier Solana is propably involved in Spains critisism on the Israelian ship issue yesterday:

"The Catalan worker Laura Arau has agreed today to be sent back to Spain voluntarily after being arrested by Israel for being part of the "Freedom Flotilla" while for tomorrow is expected the same decision to be taken concerning the other two Spaniards Manuel Tapial and David Segarra. The three were arrested yesterday, Monday, by the Israeli army and taken to the detention center in Beer Sheva, south of Tel Aviv, after the assault in international waters to vessels carrying humanitarian aid to the Palestinian Gaza Strip. Arau, activist of the NGO "Culture, Peace and Solidarity Haydee Santamaría" could return to Spain later in the day after signing the minutes of deportation..

The allegations against the Israelian army for having used "disproportionate" force and the demand for a need to clarify the facts have intensified today. Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos, has called for Israel to deliever an "immediate, impartial and objective" investigation about what happened, in line with the position of the UN and the EU...Also former EU chief diplomat Javier Solana, and former Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez, who has considered the action as a "deadly blow" to peace in the Middle East, have expressed their repulse. The representatives of the parliaments of the EU, meeting in Madrid have approved a text lamenting the deaths in the assault and "condeming the use of violence", but not specifically mentioning Israel..." LINK

Massive critics come also from other 'Alliance of Civilizations' Eminent Persons: "Tayyip Erdogan said, "staging an armed attack on aid ships, killing innocent people and treating civilians as if they were terrorists are nothing but degradation of humanity and vile recklessness. This insolent, irresponsible, reckless and unfair attack by the Israeli government which trampled on every kind of human value must be punished by all means."Link

“We work through the Alliance of Civilizations precisely to build a bridge between different cultures, but it seems the current situation goes in the other direction and widens the gap between the two sides.” Link

Also The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Youth Forum condemned Israel's aid convoy attack and released a written statement to have ONE VOICE, : "We call upon major regional youth organizations-partners in the Alliance of Civilizations process and beyond to join their voice in condemning the current action of Israeli state sponsored terrorism which went beyond collective punishment imposed on Palestinian civilians." Link

The Spanish critics were formed in the afternoon and day after the good doctor, together with Moratinos were here:.

massivegood-interior" All they need is having an easy way to make these contributions and be sure that they are helping others' says the president of the Millennium Foundation Doustse-Blasy Phillippe. The movement began to take shape 'Massivegood' with a 'click', at least two euros will go to improving the health of millions.

Money donated through 'Massivegood 'will go to UNITAID, the International Fund for Medicine Purchase established in 2006 by France and Brazil and supported by WHO to help finance and arrival of all drugs. With this organization is to avoid that there are still people whose place of residence with no possibility of receiving medicaments.

It is already possible since today. In the process of buying a plane ticket or a hotel reservation or car rental, citizens will find a checkbox to enable and donate 2 euros to 'Massivegood'. The money will be devoted to trying to reduce child mortality, improve maternal health and combat diseases like AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

CLINTONThe former president of USA and one of the patrons of UNITAID, Bill Clinton, was in charge of presenting this global movement in his country, while the second country chosen to present the campaign has been Spain. The Foreign Minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos, and the High Representative of the Council for Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU, Javier Solana, have been in charge of explaining the program and its aims. 'Two euros for a developed society is nothing but really much that can be done with them. "

The world of culture has joined the project and Rosario Flores, Jose Mota, Angel Nieto, and Miguel Ángel Silvestre have recorded a video asking for citizen participation. In the U.S., was the film director Spike Lee who made a short 'Masterpieces " support the initiative and the famous singer of Black Eyed Peas, Will.i.am, and DJ David Guetta created a song that was posted and distributed free on the Internet to ask for the 'click'. The Rock in Rio festival being held in Madrid from Friday also wanted to give their two cents and 'Massivegood' and will be present in its central scenario."Source, also of pictures: http://www.prsalud.com/index.php/prsalud/459/10037564


Link to the first US-launch of Massivegood in February with speech of Princess La Infanta Christina of Spain sitting besides Ban Ki-Moon and Bill Clinton. I have written about her meeting with Solana in April here: Link and also on her involvment with Solana's Global Health Institute and the children vaccination programm: Link

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