Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Solana joins the Trilateral Commission

Solana joins Trilateral and Solana (with white neckband for members) seen at Bilderberg meeting in Sitges talking to Hotel staff (green neckband)after Elmundo.

"The Spanish group is composed of twelve members and is chaired by Alfonso Cortina
BARCELONA - 09/06/2010
Former High Representative of the European Union and current president of the Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics at ESADE, Javier Solana, the CEO of the Havas Group, Fernando Rodés Vilà, the chairman of Grupo Prisa, Ignacio Polanco, and the president of Endesa, Borja Prado, have been accepted to join the Spanish group of the Trilateral Commission, the private group created "political discussion" in 1973 to foster relations and leadership of USA, Europe and Japan. The appointment of these new members comes after a proposal from the current members and was decided among fifteen nominations at the last meeting of the Spanish group recently held in Barcelona. The Spanish chapter of the Trilateral has twelve members: Alfonso Cortina (current president ), Ana Patricia Botin, Pedro Miguel Etxenike, Oscar Fanjul, Nemesio Fernandez-Cuesta, Esther Giménez-Salinas, Abel Matutes, Emilio de Ybarra, and besides, Antonio Garrigues, executive committee member of the Trilateral European and previously was vice president. Solana, Rodés, Polanco and Prado will debut at the next meeting scheduled for July. Their entry has been made possible through the vacancies left by Josep Piqué, Trinidad Jimenez, and Carmen Chacón. Previously, other Spanish members of the Trilateral were Carlos Ferrer Salat, Claudio Boada Villalonga, José Antonio Segurado, Jaime Carvajal Urquijo or Jesus Aguirre y Ortiz de Zarate (Duke of Alba). The mandates are for 12 years. .."

Wikipedia writes: "Alfonso Cortina de Alcocer (born March 13, 1944 in Madrid, Spain). Ex-President, ex-Chairman, and ex-Chief Executive Officer of Repsol YPF, Spain's largest oil and gas group. Also Vice Chairman of Rothschild Europe; Senior Advisor for Spain and Latin America, Rothschild; Senior Advisor for Spain, Texas Pacific Group,.." Link

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