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sublimal lunatics?

'Puppets for Development' promotes the creation of children's television programs in poor countries under AoC's Federico Mayor, president of the Peace Culture Foundation and patron of the Development Dolls here posing with the popular "Lunnis". / J. Martin, LINK

SEGOVIA, 11 Mar. (EUROPA PRESS) -The objectives and lines of work of this organization were set by experts from 10 countries at the meeting in IE University.
"The Foundation Puppets for Development (MXD), and cultural project of cooperation that was presented today at Segovia officially, have as main objective the promotion of the creation of children's television programs in developing countries, as an element of economic and cultural cooperation.

The Foundation, of which is patron former director general of UNESCO, Federico Mayor Zaragoza, was presented today at a press conference after a working conference held on the campus of Santa Cruz la Real de IE Universidad, Segovia, with the participation of representatives of Mali, Niger, Equatorial Guinea, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Ivory Coast and Senegal... For Mayor, currently "we no longer teach values of tolerance and love, which is what young people need". "Link

"Los Lunnis is a children's television show produced for TV Cataluna. On the air since September of 2003, the show follows the example of great children's programms like Sesame Street and The Muppet Show. The main characters are puppets, with a goal of providing educational content for kids all over the Spanish-speaking world. Promoting values of respectful coexistence and tolerance, the show is well-known not only for its high-quality content, but its production values as well. The show's characters are extraterrestrials who inhabit a world called Luna Lunera. Their purpose on that planet is to resolve all types of problems that young people encounter. With a host of colorful protagonists and bizarre villains (all of whom have names beginning with "Lu"), entertainment and education become one." (Evan C. Gutierrez, All Music Guide)

"There are all kinds of puzzles to solve and problems some caused by the pirate Lucanero, which is craving to steal the Big Magic Book of the Witch Bass." Link

" is undeniable that television has become a transmitter of values, norms, patterns of behavior or conduct. In this context, predominantly audiovisual, know who the heroes and heroines of our children, brothers, cousins or nephews, who imitate on the playground or why they dress or talk about this or that form is necessarily to know what do they get offered from TV....More than 40 experts on television and children's programms, cultural technicians responsible for cooperation and theatrical artists and ten developing countries meet at the Campus of University of Segovia IE to launch this international project, at a meeting sponsored by the Spanish International Cooperation Agency (AECI), City of Segovia and Social Work and Cultural Caja Segovia and framed in the cultural program of the Spanish Presidency of the European Union." Foundation chef Antiono Aragon:
"The aim is to create an atmosphere of education, culture and social success along the lines of 'The Lunnies'. In this case, Lupita, Lublu, Lucho, Lulila, the Witch Bass, Professor Lutetium, Lula and Lulu are The Lunnis, currently stars in three phases of the program: the classics of the container, and the sitcom Telelunnis. In the first case, the puppets play the role of human children and "older children", thereby introducing elements of classical education, as there is a well-defined curriculum development.
The role of Telelunnis is tackle by a report that consists of two pieces of news, issues related to the environment or the animal world. In addition, Telelunnis has an element of fiction by daily sections between entertainment and education, involving the dolls: the invention of Professor Lutetium, the cuisine of the Witch Bass, Lulila questions ...
Finally, we develop a sitcom based on the winners of the genre and is designed to reflect aspects of the child's life: their normal habitat, the group relationship and the relationship with their elders.
In short, we put on the skin of everyday life of a child from rising up to going to bed and this is precisely what cultural instills a children's television."What will be the next foam puppets that we see?
"Yes, actually two dolls will see the light in the programming of the Foundation. We assume that within two years, in 2012, this schedule will be released in 2012. In principle will be called 'Friends' will not give you more data, always keep something for intrigue (starts to laugh)." LINK

In 2008 there had been rumours throughout Spain, that the title song for the Programm "Los Lunnis" named "Nos vamos a la cama" -"We got to bed" is from start to end backward masked and contains a sublimal message for the child to "kill the mother". The translation says something like:

"kill your mother,just today and pretend, Anna, there is a stain, Anna, there is a stain
Kill your mother x4 Just today and pretend, Anna, there is a stain
The list, keep your kills, I tremble, I pee. There I dined with her, not measte morning.
Ma 'harm' to 'night. My mother worked. Let's gather, alas, I narrated, join,
It's false!"Link

The rumour became so big, they even showed it at a TV show to ridicule the idea: LINK
stay tuned!

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