Saturday, June 12, 2010

Walker, Going,...


Antonio Garrigues Walker.Foto de José Luis Nocito. Link

Now at the global level: "The Trilateral Commission, a forum made up of elite political and economic personalities in North America, Europe and Japan, has accepted membership of Javier Solana (former High Representative for EU Foreign Policy), Ignacio Polanco (president of PRISA, editor of El Pais), Borja Prado (president of Endesa) and Fernando Rodés (Chief Executive Officer of Havas media group).The Trilateral Commission, which is capped at 390 members, there are 12 seats for Spanish. Among the top management are Alfonso Cortina and Antonio Garrigues Walker." Link

There is also massive influence on Israel as Executive member of Trilateral Commission Antonio Garrigues Walker sits at the International Board of Governors at the Peres Center for Peace along with Paulo Coelho, Javier Solana, Hernry Kissinger, AoC' Bishop Tutu and Federico Mayor and other illustrious figures:

Garrigues Walker also heads the Toledo International Peace Center with Spanish Foreign Moratinos
European Leader of Trilateral Commission Peter Sutherland was chairman of BP (1997 - Sept.2009). He is also chairman of Goldman Sachs International (1995 - current). He was appointed chairman of the London School of Economics in 2008. He is currently UN special representative for migration and development. Before these appointments, he was the founding director-general of the World Trade Organisation and he also is a Bilderberger Link When we see the agenda of Bilderberg this year it is all "Solana"-topics, included his new endeavour together with Bill Clinton at the Global Health Institute on controling the poor with food and vaccines.

By the way: the football I mentioned yesterday was kicked into the Mediterranean Sea:
June 12, 2010 by kickpoliooutofafrica

This afternoon at Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the Kick Polio Out of Africa football – that had journeyed through 23 countries in Africa since February 23 – was “kicked-out” by Egyptian Soccer Captain Eslam El Shatter, witnessed by a massive crowd that had gathered on the Plaza after the official finale ceremony held in the Great Hall. The Plaza faces the Mediterranean Sea. The breeze was gentle and humid.

Going, going, gone …

Ayoub Ayoub and his team had superbly organized this final event down to the last detail. The official finale ceremony that commenced at 15:00 lasted an hour and was attended by Adel Labib – Governor of Alexandria (seen below signing the ball), representatives of the Minister of Health, Unicef, WHO, goodwill ambassador Hani Salama (GWA), Embassy of Nigeria, DHL, IDG Assem A. Razek, many high profile people, interns and Rotarians. Numerous speakers from different perspectives gave a broad overview of the history, present status and the efforts of Rotary International and its global partners, to eradicate polio. The substantial contribution by The Gates Foundation was highlighted".

They even wrote: "Bibliotek Alexandria (BibAlex) above, is the venue for the final event. The dome has an uncanny resemblance to a soccer ball. We are told that the “Eye of Horus” will be observing (the) ac(t)ivities." LINK

2010.06.12. at 15:00 - is (2+0+1+0+1+2)+(0+6)+(1+5)= 6 6 6, indeed "Going, going, gone …".

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