Monday, June 21, 2010

watching the radicals

A very important article today at cuartopoder from Irene Lozano:

"Among the achievements of the Spanish Presidency of the European Union, has gone virtually unnoticed the approval of a monitoring program and systematic collection of personal data of citizens suspected of experiencing a process of "radicalization. " This program can be directed against groups of individuals involved in "extreme left or right, nationalist, religious or anti-globalization"as contained in official documents.

On 26 April, the European Union Council meeting in Luxembourg discussed the agenda item entitled "Radicalization in the EU", which concluded with the adoption of the 8570/10 document. The initiative is part of the prevention strategy of terrorism in Europe and was initially conceived for Islamic terrorist groups. However, the document extends the suspicion of such form and in terms so generic that covers police surveillance of any individual or group suspected of having radical ideas. Thus, a civil activist organization, political or citizen with no ties to terrorism, could be spied in the framework of a program that invites investigation from the "degree of ideological or political commitment"of the suspect, even if their economic situation is "unemployment, deterioration, loss of a scholarship or financial aid."...The meeting which approved the citizen monitoring program was chaired by Foreign Minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos, as Spain held the Presidency of the EU. Also attended by Secretary of State for the EU, Diego Lopez Garrido, and most of the EU foreign ministers..."

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and here: Instrument for compiling data and information on violent radicalisation processes

This ties to "SAFIRE"

"which is a €3.6 million project funded under the European Security Research Programme, to which the EC is contributing 3€ million. The project promises a "Scientific Approach to Fighting Radical Extremism" and has the goal of "improv[ing] fundamental understanding of radicalization processes and us[ing] this knowledge to develop principles to improve (the implementation) of interventions designed to prevent, halt and reverse radicalization".

The SAFIRE consortium is led by the Dutch military research institute TNO and includes the RAND Corporation, the Israeli International Counter-Terrorism Academy (ICSA, which promises "to adapt the 'Israeli Operational Philosophy' to the most vulnerable of venues and complicated of local problems"), Compagnie Européenne d'Intelligence Stratégique (CEIS, the Strategic Intelligence Company, France), Bridge 129 (an Italian security company), several academics from Utrecht and Amsterdam, and the Instituut voor Multiculturele ontwikkeling(Dutch Institute for Multicultural Affairs)." statewatch Link, Link

"It is worth noting that the Quilliam Foundation,one of the government’s key partners in the Prevent programme, arguably promotes adherence to what it regards as the traditional scholarship of Sufi preachers as an antidote to extremism." "spooked" p.38, on the potential danger of government sponsorship for its preferred religious trends Link, citing RAND, US thinktank on military affairs, that argues that westerngovernments should fight a ‘battle of ideas’ against Islamist extremism in Europe by empowering ‘Traditionalists’ and ‘Sufis’, who are the ‘natural allies of the West’. Angel Rabasa, Cheryl Benard, Lowell H. Schwartz and Peter Sickle, Building Moderate Muslim Networks (Santa Monica,CA, RAND Corporation, 2007), p. 74.

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