Saturday, July 17, 2010

the storm continues...

2010.07.18: Lavanguardia:
"Javier Solana is worried of the overall situation in the world that the current storm of the economic crisis is not sinking: "We're still in a delicate transition phase. The problem now arises in the G-20 is the way forward in building instruments of global governance. The economic storm lost strength but has not abated, there is still much to do. "Link

This is direct related to his February 22 speech on "EU as a laboratory for global governance". Then he had used the same words:
"In today's world we must be careful in the world in which we have already entered, as I said multipolar, have the capacity, political will, to generate power tools on Global Governance, which will be absolutely essential to have a peaceful world. We have taken the first step in building another G, the G20 has the potential to provide solutions to economic and financial problems in which we are, but it is unclear who has the ability to solve other problems, for example, the problems of global security, therefore we are still in a transitional phase very delicate, very delicate. Europe's role is crucial, Europe can and must be, if I use that term, a "laboratory of what might be a world government system." Link

I have written and now uploaded a document on the whole background here. You can access my latest paper "Communicating Crisis and Global Governance" for free here: Link

stay tuned!

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