Thursday, August 19, 2010

added comment on Solana's Antichrist comment

Added comment by Adamantine:

"I wonder if the Antichrist (whomever it may some day turn out to be) could rise to power without someone identifying the person as a possibility?
Solana was once asked by Wesley Clark ( NATO General) of Solana’s secret to diplomatic success. Solana answered that he never asked a question to which he did not know or like the answer .
In this article is seems obvious to me that he also only answers questions in the same manner. First by not saying what could be the “worst thing” ever said about him and secondly by then claiming he did not know why they would ever chose him as an Antichrist candidate. He knows. This is not rocket science and most people are narcissist enough to investigate why someone might think he was an important figure out of Biblical lunatic fringe legends of prophecy. In the one case as a likely confirmed atheist he would laugh heartily and if he felt it were true he would laugh sinisterly. Solana then goes on to attribute it essentially to chance.
However as I have attempted to show in the presentation entitled ”The Return of Christ” I think Javier Solana at least remains ” a person of interest” as they say in police work.
I would emphatically state he remains the best candidate living and the best candidate in the history of the world for filling the shoes of the Antichrist as defined in the pages of the books of such writers as Walvord, Hal Lindsey, Dwight Pentecost…
…and a hundred other writers who spoke of 1) an intellectual genius 2) a military man 3) who by great diplomacy would rise among the states 4) of the Roman Empire and 5) after the formation of a ten nation confederation becomes it leader. He was 6) to strengthen 7) a treaty 8.) among many 9) including Israel 10) for seven years. He was also to be known as a 11) peace maker.
I would next emphasis he was to remain a relative unknown to the world until he is “given power to continue for 42 months.”..."
thanks Adamantine!
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