Friday, August 20, 2010

no jacket an-tie

"G. Soros celebrated his 80's birthday in colored shirt, no jacket and tie

Bratislava, August 20 (Reuters-TASR) - "I speculate in finance, philosophy and philanthropy." This unusual self-expression in the speech of his own birthday party from George Soros, who lived on Aug. 12 his 80's birthday . "The best I did not reach at first time," he said with some irony and disappointment of the crisis in the world including the U.S. homeland.

About five hundred congratulating family members, colleagues and friends were invited to the famous seaside resort of Southampton, near New York. A huge tent-shelter built for the equestrian event on Long Island area was a air-conditioned restaurant that met the parameters of a five-star hotel. The division will become white with transparent walls were large decorative chandeliers, modern sanitation and surprising floral decoration. The army of waiters in white ensured fast and smooth service. The atmosphere was relaxed at the party and informal, corresponding to the nature of the honoree. He seemd to us a little moody when the invitation had ordered suit and tie, but the "young" came in a colored shirt without jacket and tie. Among the guests several illustrious characters of the international scene, among others Martti Ahtisaari, former Finnish president and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Javier Solana, former NATO Secretary General and EU High Representative, the former head of German diplomacy, Joschka Fischer, former chief commander of NATO troops in Europe, and presidential candidate Wesley Clark, known diplomat and now Obama Administration Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke, and many others(...)

The rhythm of the disco birthday party ended after midnight and began a new Five Year Soros."

Paul Demeš, Foreign policy analyst, assistant to Reuters, Link

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