Saturday, August 21, 2010

Solana direct involved in Mid-East Talks!

As a lot of us already assumed.

"The former head of the EU Foreign Policy, Spanish Javier Solana, rests since last Friday night at his residence on August Cela (Bueu). Away from direct political responsibilities of a position that now plays Britain's Catherine Ashton, Solana develops an intense teaching activity in Spain, England and the United States. To Bueu he arrived from a stay in the latter country, where he participated as an adviser in the recent run-ups to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations that begin on Sept 2.

...The Spanish politician and diplomat expects a full agenda in September. For day 4, the UN Secretary General has asked him to meet with him and his top aides to launch a debate on the situation in the world. In fact, he continues to provide advice and support to various conflict management organizations worldwide. His experience and know-how have become a key part in high diplomatic relations..." LINK

"On Friday he arrived late in Bueu to enjoy his vacation that will be shorter this year because of work. He will stay in Cela until September 3 when he will resume his teaching duties by providing courses and conferences.He came directly from the U.S., and the first thing he did was take a bath in the evening in Lapam beach.
For the moment in Morrazo the former High Representative of the Council for Common Foreign and Security Policy in the European Union, popularly known as "Mr.PSOE", will spent similar to the last fifteen years vacations in this region. A routine of "quiet life at home while jogging in the mountains of the region and going to the beach" as the politician said yesterday at noon, returning from his morning session of sport. He left accompanied by his security personnel and toured the Mount Hermelo. The evening before, a dip in Lapam marked the beginning of his rest, "for now I only have bathed in Lapam. I come for fewer days, but could not miss it."

Javier Solana was pleased by the good weather he found in the area around after his last month of work in the United States where he was - in addition to teaching - working on international relations.This is the case of the current peace plan between Israel and Palestine, where he proposed the creation of a Palestinian state. On this question the politician believes that "these negotiations, which had stalled since 2008, never had such direct contacts" and expects to "thrive to find the ultimate formula to create the Palestinian state." Another international issue is the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq: "It is a very important decision. After seven years of a terrible war, absurd and with many civilian deaths, the important thing is that now the country finds its stability and its ability to build their own future, "said Solana.

The Spanish Politican preferred not to say more. As an excuse he gave that he had just arrived to spend a month abroad, preferring to wait for all aspects of the controversies that shake the PSOE, as the primaries of the Community of Madrid. He only pointed to the obligation to continue working for the economic situation of Spain and "the need to check whether the signs that begin to arrive from many countries around the world that there is a exit from the crisis are real, 'and re-emphasized, "because it is still too big."LINK

At the same time the successor on his EU post Chaterine Ashton was not even allowed to speak for the EU at the UN conference for Pakistan! "UN dupes EU, speech ban for Ashton" LINK

stay tuned!


wickus said...

Thanks Brother. This happens just in time.

And since when does a retired man take leave? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

He seems to be assuming a position of informal EU advisor on international/foreign affairs, in more than one forum, to boot (in Ms. Ashton's stead, and likely, at her expense).


Anonymous said...

When I viewed the picture of Dr. JS in the news article....under the cool of the grapevine trellus, it makes boss godfather, Don Corleone in his garden seems severely mundane. (Obviously, can't think of much to say right now! I'm nearly beside myself with this one.)

Constance Cumbey said...

Critical information -- thanks for posting!


Constance Cumbey said...

Critical information -- thanks for posting it!


Constance Cumbey said...

Catherine Ashton has announced she does not plan to attend these peace talks but it appears Solana is involved -- Bernard Kouchner has expressed his displeasure at her. How do you interpret this?


Anonymous said...

September 2, where is Solana now?

No mention of him Washington, any ideas??????

björn (farmer) said...

Of course we do not see him mentioned now. He is keeping a low profile here. This was to be expected. Same as in the last months, where he also avoided to appear on pictures when meeting other players (like for example when meeting Bill Gates this summer for his Global World Institute). Have a bit patience.