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Solana in the Cubanian press

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Remember the last blog diary entry of Fidel Castro as President of Cuba in February 2008, when he warned about Solana and a Nuclear War? (see here: LINK) Now that Fidel seems to regained strength and health again we read
lot's of talk from Cubanian side about Gonzales and Solana, and about the Spanish finanzing the Cubanian counter-culture, magazines and writers in Exile since many years, in several articles...here is just yesterday's article:

"The reasons for the chameleon and the war to come, AUGUST 16, 2010

The pupil insomniac
Look at them, like reptiles,
the lookout for prey,
negotiated at each table
make-up time;
rails are all
leading to the summit,
crazy because we dazzle
its parasitic ambition.
Before prophets were
and now success is your goal;
Luis Eduardo Aute, "la belleza" (the Beauty)

Javier Solana (Madrid, 1942) was Minister of Culture from 1982 to 1988 and therefore a member of the board of the museum del Prado. During the many years he has held positions of EU foreign policy, took advantage of the few hours I spent in Madrid to visit the temporary exhibition of the moment. Yesterday, the former minister was reinstated as a member of the board of trustees appointed quota directly from the Ministry of Culture. The amiable note that published the newspaper El Pais on February 25, 2010, appeared at the wrong time to talk about it, but on the eve of a possible nuclear conflagration, the triumphant return of a war criminal is not something that we should not ignore.

It is true that much in Western political culture is nothing more than something that "dresses well", but reading about it is less accommodating than the social commentary that makes the daily PRISA. In his monumental investigation "The CIA and the Cultural Cold War", the British essayist Frances Stonor Saunders describes how the U.S. agency concluded that "the destruction of communist myth could be achieved only by mobilizing, in a campaign of persuasion, those figures left who were not communists." According Stonor Saunders, the finding of this work was that that the CIA moved "the subject" in the direction they want for reasons you might think are their own."

Javier Solana, - close collaborator and friend of who would be president of the Spanish government Felipe Gonzalez- , published ahead of the 1982 elections a brochure entitled 50 reasons to say no to NATO. Four years later were not find a single one of those reasons that strongly encouraged Spain not to enter into NATO. In 1995 (five months before Gonzalez's party lost the elections), the author of the anti-atlantic manifesto gets appointed Secretary General of NATO, a position which certainly does not mention the review of the country, however as other topics such as picky those related to Cuba. El diaro from Madrid says daily that Solana is a member of the very selective Club Bilderberg, a sort of shadow world government of which "is little talk in the mainstream media and in June this year they met in Spain with a majority opinion to for an attack on Iran, as just denounced by the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

About the former chief of Solana, the commander of information services of Franco (CESEDEN) Manuel Alfredo Paredes-Grimaldos was quoted in The CIA in Spain, as noting on in his work schedule: "Felipe Gonzalez, Seville, seems passionate but cold . There was something false, deceptive. I did not find a man of ideals, but of ambition. " Returning to Stonor Saunders, in the absence of a similar testimony about the employer reinstated the Prado museum, one can ask for the "reasons of their own" by Javier Solana, who ended up taking him to assume the leadership of NATO in 1995 with the necessary endorsement of the United States.

There is one additional fact, after graduating with a degree in Physics in 1964, Solana left in 1965 as a Fulbright Scholar to the United States, where he stayed until 1970. As a student he participated in the protests against the Vietnam War and became president of the Association of Foreign Students. Fulbright Scholarships is a program administered by the State Department and has been designated as a hedge of the CIA, perhaps this will help us to understand how a so quiet pacifist who was a youth in the lands of the empire, and, according to El Pais, an eternal lover of the arts, ends with bombing Yugoslav on behalf of Washington and plotting with the powerful on the planet to unleash a new war with unforeseeable consequences. Too much shade, would say Silvio Rodriguez ... "to be casual, add anybody else."


here some of the other articles of the last days on Gorbatchev, Gonzales and Solana's Anti-Cuba mission and how the CIA successfully changed the Anti-Antlantic atmosphere in Spain through Gonzales and Solana:
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