Thursday, September 02, 2010

drugs controlled by JS

Today an article of Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes appeared at Spanish newspaper ElPais.
It mentions "The Global Commission on Drug Policy" that is chaired by the presidents Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Cesar Gaviria and Ernesto Zedillo, and includes figures such as Javier Solana, the "mother Theresa of Economics" Amartya Sen, Graça Machel(3rd wife of Nelson Mandela) and William Perry. LINK If we look after such organization we just find the Latin American Chapter Link and in none of their publications they mention Javier Solana, but famous South American like Enrique Santos Calderón, Mario Vargas Llosa and Paulo Coelho. (Link)(Link)
But Carlos Fuentes must know what he is writing, he is in close touch with Javier Solana, they published together more than once and Solana attendend the ceremony in 2009 when Fuentes was awarded the Catholic Great Cross of Isabel. Link. His daughter, Natasha Fuentes Lemus died of an apparent drug overdose in Mexico City 22 August 2005, at the age of 30.(Link)
The Global Drug Commission is a creation of Edelstein Center for Social Research, Instituto Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Plataforma Democrática, Open Society Institute from George Soros. They also finance the International Drug Policy Consortium(Link) which was inspired by the Beckley Foundation (Link).
"The International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC) is a global network of 56 NGOs and professional networks that specialise in issues related to the production and use of controlled drugs.The network is managed through a steering group of representatives from the 10 IDPC regions, and a secretariat based at Release, the UK drugs and legal advice charity."(Link)
The links of Solana with Fernando Henrique Cardoso go back to his times as NATO-Secretary General, here a picture with Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and Roman Prodi (Link). FHC is also one of the socalled elders, like Bishop Desmond Tutu, Muhammad Yunus (Link). Like Solana is also Honorary member of the Club of Rome and even more specific he was chairman of the Club of Madrid (2003-2006, Link). He is also founder of the Global Governance Commission (Link).
So after Global Health, Climate, Energy, Economics, Global Governance, Alliance of Civilizations and others this is just another area where the usual suspects have their hands on.
In this hinsight it was very revealing that a South American writer wrote in an recent article (aug 24): "The truth is that Javier Solana, the unclean dog leader of the essence of foreign policy of the European Union" and concerning the Middle East he is warning Jews and Muslims: "the capital will be reconstructed over the corpses of millions of Jews and Muslims. And the region, "vital to global energy security" will be rebuilt by the huge companies and European and U.S. corporations, to be again transformed into a protectorate civilized "West." LINK
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