Friday, September 10, 2010

Moratinos said he would travel to the Middle East to promote peace process

"Brussels, 10 sep (EFE) .- Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos, said today he will travel to the Middle East in a few weeks in international efforts to promote the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians.

Moratinos, in a statement to reach an informal meeting of Foreign ministers of the EU, said the trip will "most likely" after the UN General Assembly, which begins on the 14th in New York.

The minister said that at its last meeting with his French counterpart, Bernard Kouchner, agrees on the need to travel to the area, while the Italian owner, Franco Frattini, has launched the initiative for a visit to Gaza.

"This visit is pending and will carry out to accompany U.S. efforts (mediation), but also that they are defending European interests" in the area, the official said Spanish Foreign.

Moratinos explained that the UN General Assembly will have the opportunity to meet with key players in the region...

He added that regular contact with U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, with Washington's special envoy for the Middle East, George Mitchell, and with Israeli and Palestinian leaders"



Anonymous said...

I appreciate the continual updates you provide on the news. I remember in 1995 when Moratinos was appointed to be the representative of the EU to the middle east peace process. At the time I wondered if he might be the rising AC. At the time I also had no knowledge of Javier Solana but now I suspect Solana who knew he had bigger fish to fry in leaving to lead NATO nevertheless saw to it that he had a Spanish politician involved. In 1995 Solana was leading the EU Council for six months and I suspect that he had the influence to see to it that Moratinos received the position.
PS I disagree with your moderation of comments on this site. On unsealed prophecy I leave it open. If something is ever said that seems illegal (threats etc then I will remove them but otherwise I agree with Felix Frankfurter of the US Supreme court of the 1930's that the answer to bad speech is more speech.

björn (farmer) said...

thanks! my main reason for leaving moderating comments on was to filter the loads of incoming spam though. So I guess I better leave it that way. btw usually I also publish critical comments. all the best! farmer