Monday, September 13, 2010

speed of light

"Javier Solana relives his past as a teacher by training future business leaders and managers at the ESADE business school, as he defines as the most important change in his life. On the other side of the stage waiting for a very demanding public.

"Probably the biggest change in my life. I do not leave my public functions, but I miss being in politics, although I stay committed to my country. I live still with an intense movement, going abroad a lot. Now I will try to re-broadcast in my country as much as you can about the historical events that have had the privilege of living. And as best I can do is through education, not only in the training of business leaders but also public institutions, " said Solana.

The challenge

His new life takes place even between trips, meetings, interviews and negotiations with international leaders at the request of his acquaintances and colleagues, who continue asking for his intervention and collaboration on specific issues of international politics: "I remain deeply committed to European and international issues because I called to offer me things and I will not stop helping. This also provides me the opportunity to be a day at my classes. As the world changes to the speed of light must also learn to lightning speed. "...

Solana was delighted. "I have nothing but satisfaction. I have taught and I've always liked to teach and communicate. The policy also has a component of education because it is not just manage, but to understand why things are done. I like it have a good time, " he explains...


As it could not be otherwise, the former secretary general of NATO attaches enormous importance to the training of our leaders in the international geopolitical aspects. "I think it's very important that the public and business leaders have sufficient knowledge to analyze well what happens in the world, because the decisions are no longer local. Today you can not occupy a position of responsibility without a greater knowledge of the Spanish have had historically in other countries. We are in a changing world and a tremendously high speed, and is essential to know the trends that will move the world, "he stresses."


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