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Lady Gaga: "Jesus has left me"

"Total crazy: Lady Gaga blaspheming Jesus and byting off stuffed animals' heads" Link

"I have a rule: Any stuffed animal that flies to the stage, I bite off the head." A woman is a word - in the bizarre sensation Lady Gaga(24) chewed a half a dozen fan gifts at her concert in Dublin Wednesday evening. From the typical goblins to the teddy bear. The only exception were the unicorns. "I cannot murder them, because I am wearing one as a tattoo!" (farmer: together with writing "born this way"Link).
Gaga's Feeding Frenzy
Gaga's seizure attack happened under God's countenance: to see in one of the many videos that show Gaga while smoking hash, waering a gas mask or smeared with blood: Jesus (!). Even as the stage decoration suspense-song "Teeth" there is a huge statue of God!
Sexual games for Jesus
Nevertheless, she told the 8,000 stunned fans: "Jesus has left me. Because he is not on same-sex love. Just as my dancers!... "Link Link

What else to expect at these days of heloween and ritual sacrifice! The unicorn is a well known occult symbol for the antichrist. In Daniel 8:5, God gives the following description of the symbol of Alexander the Great.(="ALEJANDRO") "As I was considering, behold, a he-goat [the king of Greece] came from the west across the face of the whole earth, without touching the ground, and the goat had a conspicuous and remarkable horn between his eyes." [Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

"The unicorn here is once again a symbol of transformation, for this unicorn seeks a better world (familiar politician's expression, hu?)... through the purifying, purgative powers of destruction. Its purpose, like that of the Hindu god Siva, or Shiva, is to tear down and to renew." [Nancy Hathaway, The Unicorn, p. 161, an occult author]

"In both European and Oriental traditions, the Unicorn is identified with a Messiah who comes when the world is in danger and who heralds the coming of a new and better age." [The Living Unicorn, Carver, Minnesota, The Living Unicorn, Inc., 1980, p. 3, as quoted by Burns, p. 145]

"Thus we see that the unicorn is, in reality, the symbol of a future conqueror who will bring peace to the earth. Who is this but the Antichrist ... for whom the world waits, unaware of his true nature? [Dr. Cathy Burns, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, p. 144].

See also the video, showing the link to Alexander the Great.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Seminar IX Security and Defence in the Mediterranean (Barcelona, 25 October 2010)

Seminar IX Security and Defence in the Mediterranean (Barcelona, 25 October 2010) 
Monday, 25. October 2010
For the ninth time in Barcelona meet experts from various backgrounds and disciplines, civil and military, governmental and nongovernmental actors to take stock of progress on security and defense in the Mediterranean and to discuss future challenges. This edition will address the Common Security and Defence in the Mediterranean after approving the Lisbon Treaty and launching the Union for the Mediterranean. Identify challenges and threats but also opportunities for working together in the Mediterranean and its vicinity, with special emphasis on desert areas. Organizers: CIDOB and Ministry of Defense, in collaboration with the Institute for Security from the European Union.Information: Attendance by invitation.

Location: Barcelona. Palacio de Pedralbes.LINK

Friday, October 22, 2010

Unlimited possibilities without cumbersome parliamentary snoops

article of the day:


2010.10.22 by Alex Ringeling, HP/De Tijd: "Shadowy developments in the field of security in Europe. In the context of terrorism, there is an official "non-existent" security in Europe, "SitCen", or the "Joint Situation Center" , is active. After the previous inability to cooperate in the field of safety in the EU, this service had solve that problem. Meanwhile SitCen has become a non-transparent organization, accountable to no one.

That the service exists at all is strange, says Sophie in t'Veld, member of D66 party in the Europarliament, in HP / De Tijd: "SitCen has political support from the council, but no formal legitimacy because the Council no decision to set up SitCen as an EU agency. The mandate of SitCen is unknown and there is absolutely no democratic legitimacy (no control from Parliament or from the Parliaments of the Member States). "

Ms in 't Veld, how is this possible?
"The pillar structure was for the EU and it is indeed impossible to work together in the second pillar and third pillar areas of security and intelligence. SitCen has the second and third pillars together. This was already tried with an EU counterterrorism coordinator but this person has no power, no budget and no right of initiative (apparently, the EU counterterrorism coordinator taken seriously by less than half the Member States) and other connectivity has been sought-after, in particular by Javier Solana , former Secretary-General the Western European Union (WEU), in person. "

And then?
"Where SitCen first was part of the WEU, in 1999 it was transferred to the General Secretariat of the EU. This did not happen on the basis of a Council Decision, but was an initiative of Javier Solana himself! It meant that the General Secretariat from that moment had an executive task, namely the analysis of intelligence and monitoring "potential" crisis situations. "

But this is kind of disappointing in terms of its shadowy nature, right? Have there more strange things happened then or after 1999?
"In 2004 Solana announced that the national security agencies had to share information on their internal threats with SitCen. Among internal threats fell and falls everything. SitCen was first reported immediately, but then also to the Counter Terrorism Group (CTG) . This is a Dutch initiative of the ' Club de Berne ". It operates entirely outside the EU and is working on an 'extra-legal' and 'secret Memoranda of Understanding and will now focus particularly on Islamic extremist terrorism. CTG is now under SitCen and sends all this by their analysis. This information is provided by national intelligence services linked to the EU instrument SitCen. A wealth of information so, and analysis of information directly affect the degree of threat and the formulation of counter measures. The results can therefore be of political and policy nature. "

You state that the service does not actually exist, because the Council never has taken a decision to establish it. That is indeed shadowy. But what does that mean?
"SitCen has absolutely no transparency , no accountability. It is impossible to define the content and analyze the impact of the work of SitCen, because everything is secret. SitCen largely determines it's work as the European response to terrorism and has thus great impact on civilians and the political and social direction of EU absorbed. Transparency and accountability are so necessary! "

What does the Dutch government this?
"In the Netherlands, in the House never been a demand for more openness or a question about what exactly does SitCen, and it was accepted that the Dutch Government speaks out at generalities."

You see. There is a service that is no subject, and which will not have to explain, because all they do is so secret that nobody knows. On the other hand, there is no mandate, so it is not clear what the approximately 100 employees of the service should do. Oddly enough, however, they draw on the valuable information of other security forces. The boss of the service, Patrice Bergamini, does receives for his work around 15,000 euros per month, but nobody knows what he is doing there, because it is secret.

According to Sophie in 't Veld governments have previously reacted jubilantly to the creation of this service because the service has, as she says on Twitter, "Unlimited possibilities without cumbersome parliamentary snoops."

SitCen will continue to be part of the External Action Service. Before this can really happen, Regulation 1049/2001 - which is about (public) access to documents - must be reviewed and a new framework must be established for handling EU classified information. In the near future it will not be much more transparent." LINK

NL-E translation by me, HP/De Tijd is a Dutch weekly magazine, conventionally considered to be one of the four most influential written media in the Netherlands in its sector, (along with De Groene Amsterdammer, Vrij Nederland and Elsevier).

I have commented on that subject before, see here:

stay tuned! farmer

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Malta to host the Alliance of Civilisations regional ministerial meeting

"Malta will host the first regional conference for the Mediterranean of the United Nations Alliance of Civilisations on November 8 and 9.

The meeting will witness the participation of 49 countries, including Malta, and another 17 organisations.

The ministers of foreign affairs of Spain, Turkey and Egypt - Miguel Moratinos, Ahmet Davutoglu and Ahmed Abul Gheit, respectively, are expected to participate. In the first half of next year, Malta intends to host the second summit of the Western Mediterranean Forum known as the 5+5.

Head of States of the member countries will be present.

These include France’s Sarkozy, Libya’s Gheddafi and Italy’s Berlusconi.

The convening of this summit, the second of its sort in seven years, should among others serve to reaffirm the relevance of the 5+5 dialogue in the present-day context. Malta continues to attach great value to this informal mechanism, as a platform for open and frank discussion between north and south " Link

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One of Solana's closest advisers to become EAD debuty

"Photobucket"photo: council of EU
18. October 2010, German becomes EU top diplomat
The 49-year-old Helga Schmid is about to get the post of Deputy Secretary General of the European External Action Service. She was for a long time on the hit list of EU parliamentarians.

The German diplomat Helga Schmid is about get Deputy Secretary General of the European External Action Service (EAD). The European Parliament has given up (after information by its opposition to the appointment of the 49-year-old foreign policy expert. This is due to the withdrawal of Polish Mikolaj Dowgieliewicz who should be following as planned by EU's chief diplomat Catherine Ashton as second Deputy Secretary General of the EU's new super agency, next to Schmid...

With Ashton's reshuffle before the crucial vote in Strasbourg on Wednesday, the two largest groups in the European Parliament stand behind her. It would end a months-long tug of war between Ashton, the Member States, Commission and Parliament. Ashton will announce shortly after the vote of the Parliament, the EAD leaders..."Link, Link

Helga Schmid worked close to Javier Solana as Head of the Political Staff of the High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy and Secretary General of the EU Council (2006-20009).

Solana now also Aspen president

Born in Madrid: the Aspen Institute

"Madrid - In order to strengthen civil society and structure of public debate in Spain has just been inaugurated the Aspen Institute, an independent, nonpartisan foundation that is modeled on the prestigious U.S. Aspen Institute...

(After the US), the Aspen model has been implemented in Italy, France, Germany, Japan, India and Romania. Now it's Spain's turn. Created as a foundation, the Spanish chapter has the former head of European diplomacy, Javier Solana, as president and diplomat Pablo García-Berdoy as secretary general. Its headquarters is located in the Telefónica building in Gran Via 28, Madrid. In a first phase, Aspen Spain will organize seminars and conferences with experts.
It's presentation a few weeks ago in Madrid was attended by former U.S. Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, the special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan of President Obama, Richard Holbrooke, former Israeli foreign minister, Shlomo Ben Ami, the Spanish Ana Palacio and Javier Solana, among others.The former EU High Representative in her speech defended the idea of pragmatic optimism "as the spirit of dialogue model that represents Aspen Institute, an idea that seems quite necessary to the national confusion and alarmism". LINK

family company


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meeting in the shadow

"European Conference of the controversial Trilateral Commission, which held its proceedings in Bucharest for three days, ended on Sunday at noon. Due to privacy (or rather secret) of the meeting, information on the topics covered are not currently available. The only action "at sight" was held Friday evening in honor of the participants and some asked to organize a cultural evening at the Romanian Athenaeum, followed by dinner at Cafe Athenee Palace Hilton...
Moreover, if we are to keep in mind some general statements by some participants, given before the event, the Trilateral Conference were discussed, among others, issues of Romania's future, as they expected this so-called world government. Among European men of talent present at the European Conference Trilateral included, among others, Javier Solana, Prince Charles, Jose Manuel Barroso and former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder. In Bucharest were Mario Monti, former European Commissioner for two terms, the promoter of the federalization of Europe, Peter Sutherland, chairman of Goldman Sachs International and former Chairman of British Petroleum, now the UN Special Representative for Migration and Development. Also present were German diplomat Wolfgang Ischinger, former Ambassador to the United States and the EU representative in the negotiations that led to the proclamation of Kosovo's Independence, and Nadia Arbatova, Head of European Policy Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Trilateral Commission is an elite international group founded in 1973 that pools around 320-325 persons worldwide. The organization was created to accelerate the establishment of the New World Order. The founder and financier of the Trilateral Commission is tycoon David Rockefeller and the "ideologue" of the group is former U.S. presidential advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was the first president of the Commission. It is worth mentioning that Zbigniew Brzezinski, Trilateral ideologue, has, in one of his books, "Between the two epochs. Era of Technocracy"a clear position on future global organization:" The nation state as the fundamental unit of society, ceased to be the main creative force. International banks and multinational corporations operating, planning schedules and future of society in terms that are more advanced than the political concepts of national states. " The prominent members of the Trilateral include former U.S. presidents George Bush's father, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, Madeleine Albright, Alan Greenspan, Paul Wolfowitz - a former World Bank President Robert S. McNamara, George Soros, the holder Foundation Open Society International, Javier Solana, the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, etc..Some companies find parts of the Trilateral Commission: Coca Cola, Hewlett Packard, Texas Instruments, AT & T, ITT, Enron, Xerox, Mobil, PepsiCo, Nabisco, Goldman Sachs, Shell..." Link

On Saturday, they discussed the situation in Germany 20 years after reunification and how the world economic crisis hit Europe. Sunday, talks were focused on globalization, the message being presented to the IMF Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Finally, it was considered a favorite topic of President - International Policy in the Black Sea region, the way in which U.S. interests intersect in the region, Europe and Russia...Opponents of globalization and especially the followers of conspiracy theoriessee the Trilateral Commission and its sister organization (the Council on Foreign Relations - Council on Foreign Relations - CFR) as spearheads of global governance, each of which is listed as a meeting steps towards strengthening the power to manipulate planetary destiny into a life in which hundreds or thousands of guys will have absolute power, border, and slavery will flower." link

See also here: Link

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grand cross of the order of Christ

On Saturday, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said Tehran considered late October or early November as an appropriate time for a resumption of the talks but a spokesman for EU's Ashton said no date had been set. "Mrs. Ashton is still ready to talk to Iran and is hopeful that this will be possible," spokesman Darren Ennis told AFP in response to Mottaki's remarks. Mehmanparast directly blamed Ashton for the stalemate. "If she is really eager for negotiations, she should be more active," he insisted, adding that her predecessor Javier Solana was "more active." "We have announced our readiness for negotiations. But the other side ... is not really following up, or is not serious" about resuming the dialogue, he said. Link

Javier Solana awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Christ

"Former High Representative of the European Union (EU) Foreign Policy Javier Solana will be awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Christ on Wednesday in Lisbon, the "relations of exemplary cooperation" with the Portuguese EU presidencies .

The delivery of the order will be made by Foreign Minister Luis Amado, as delegated by the President of the Republic, which receives the political audience in Spanish, according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs". Link

"The Military Order of Christ is a Portuguese honorific order that has inherited the name of the former Order of Christ ( 1834 ), which is awarded for outstanding services rendered in performing functions in positions of sovereignty or public administration, and the judiciary and diplomacy, to those who deserve to be specially distinguished." Link

"The Order of Christ is a religious order and military , created March 14, 1319 by the Papal bull Ad ea ex-quibus of John XXII , that thus he would help the claims of King Dinis . .. The building of the Temple of Solomon and some of its lines of construction may have served as inspiration for the architecture of the Templars". Link

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

going global


"Solana in the House of Peace" source UNANUE, Link

"The big issues facing the world such as poverty or climate change can not be solved with national solutions, but require the articulation of supranational organizations. This is the thesis defended yesterday the former Secretary General of NATO and former head of foreign policy and EU security chief Javier Solana at the seminar On How to Govern Global Risks organized yesterday, the Basque Institute for Democratic Governance in House of Peace and Human Rights Aiete in San Sebastian.

"We have several years of transfers [of power] between states and within states." In the first case, Solana said that "perhaps since the First World War had not seen a similar transfer which is occurring from west to east, which requires making an effort" to adapt "to live with different values and cultures.

In his view, governments "have less power today than before." To explain this phenomenon, Solana appealed to the "incapacity" of the U.S. president, Barack Obama, to resolve the crisis by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. In this situation, the former NATO secretary called for the creation of "institutions of global governance", although "difficult but not impossible."

Solana said that the current supranational institutions have generated "good things but also failure to solve problems." Among them, citing the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank, which "have proved unable to resolve the crisis" to the World Trade Organization, the "more globalized and fundamental to the crisis, because if we take another step back ever emerge from this situation" and the UN, whose structure is" not very confident of being able to carry out the problems it has. "

In a subsequent conversation held with this newspaper, Solana praised Obama's role in the peace process between Palestine and Israel. The U.S. president "is determined to solve this problem and hope that the November elections do not change the U.S. House so that it becomes more difficult the position of president," he said while recalling that Europe has supported the "provisoric Palestinian authority "for quite some time.

Regarding the expulsion of Gypsies in France, Solana said it was vital "to defend the law in the first place." He argued that the EU "does not allow the expulsion of European citizens, Romanians and Bulgarians are." Solana said that Brussels has reacted in an "orderly", with "good sense" and "union" against the crisis, and urged the consolidation of structures "more robust" governance in economic matters."The European Union is the most beautiful building that was built after the Second World War, better we care," he concluded..

In the initial part of his speech, Solana won over the audience to show his support for the candidacy of San Sebastian to be the European cultural capital in 2016. "I will work to make this happen," he vowed amid applause." Link


- Opening the scenario, what are the new relations of power that looms behind this crisis?
- There will be a major change in the distribution of power in the world. Some trends were known before, but others have accelerated the crisis. Basically there is a transfer of power from the classic statements of what we call the West to the Pacific and Indian Oceans. And within states, there is an internal power transfer between governments, markets and even non-state organizations, some good as those devoted to generosity, but also to terrorist groups or the new piracy that has appeared in the seas of Somalia , which have a power that had not previously.
- How should Europe react to the emergence of Asian countries?
- To continue to play an important role in a changing world, Europe must unite more. It is increasingly difficult, a fantasy to think that a single country in this complex world can have some influence. And then look at the foreign and security policy of the EU. But we must do it quickly.
- What do you think the Spanish government's reaction to the crisis?
- The Government acts as to act from the point of view of the obligations undertaken with the European Union. The reaction coincided with our presidency (EU), therefore, decisions were for all countries, and are taken from the best possible way to fit a very difficult situation.
- Are we, then, to a historic shift?
- A change that had occurred a long time.
Since the Industrial Revolution, the center of gravity of the world is located in Europe.The increased productivity and the colonization process allowed this small part of the world have a vital leadership to almost World War. Then it began to have a small transfer of power to the United States. It is with the Second World War when the United States becomes the number one power in the Western world. But it was an easy transfer of power because, ultimately, was among members of the family as very close ties. Now, it is to countries like China or India who have a different worldview and, therefore, we must be able to adapt to each other to jointly cope with the problems the world.
- And in this change of cycle, what role the games played?
- We must be able to be more functional, today's problems can not be resolved with the low gears, we must put on the high gears. Are strategic issues rather because sometimes we are not well prepared to face them.
How do you interpret the alienation from the political class?
- I think there is some confusion and concern among citizens because of the crisis, the uncertainties ... is a fear of fear. We must see among us some reassurance because if we do things right no reason not to go. We went through very difficult times, and when political will and leadership had been resolved. Maybe now there is less quality and less leadership solutions for people and institutions.
- Is there a crisis left?
- The Left by definition is required I do not know if the meet ever-better understand the structure of the public. And being able to give answers that are at the height of the times.
- Having trouble adapting back to the 'civil life' after all these years in politics?
- I start to get used to, but I think it cost me to go. What I like is being able to repay part of my experience to serve my country as a committed citizen. The worst thing is having the narrow-minded, there must be a citizen of the world, concerned about their problems. It is the best way to understand and solve yours.
(farmer: on Saturday(Oct2) I had cited an article on the AoC based on Maximo Cajal writings: "
"The aim of the initiative is for all the citizens of the world to unite in placing their universal citizenship before their condition as citizens of a country, religion or civilization. The Alliance of Civilizations..." ("HOW UNIVERSITIES CAN CONTRIBUTE TO AN ALLIANCE OF CIVILIZATIONS")(based on papers of Zapatero and Maximo Cajal)LINK)

- Do you think ex-renowned political leaders must continue to participate in public life?
- Be useful means to express what one thinks, give advice when asked, not complicate. Being part of the solution not the problem.
- How is the current political landscape in Spain?
- My memories take me some situations better than what we are seeing now from the point of view of the consensus or dialogue between different political forces. I would like to see more cooperation." Link

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toxic red flood

In pictures: Hungary's red toxic spill:
Exact 20 years after the German reunification a red toxic flood burries 3 towns in Hungary, the red water flows towards the Danube. Rivers become red. At the same time the "former red leader" and"global water manager" Gorbatchev holds a speech in presence of Solana, 11 years on the day when Solana resigned from his post as NATO Secretary General to become EU Foreign Chief:
"Gorbachev: Natural disasters remind the state of the planet
Former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev in Madrid defended the fight against climate change and a commitment to ecological measures involving "all", from politicians to civil society, and noted that recent natural disasters are a "reminder" the current situation of the planet.

At a conference in the framework of the forum 'Sustainable City', organized by the Eduardo Barreiros Foundation and the Foundation Mapfre, Gorbachev criticized the "irresponsible use of the planet's resources" and gave as an example of the consequences of climate change is recent wave Heat in Russia, which caused record temperatures and severe fires. "We are responsible for our planet, the legacy we leave future generations," he said, and he added that the conflict between people and the environment has reached levels "unprecedented." In this regard, he cited the ecology as one of the "global challenges" XXI century and recalled that this issue has a "direct connection" with other issues vital to humanity as security, international and domestic conflicts, migration flows , increasing poverty and the crisis of water, among others.
The Nobel Peace Prize owner recalled that 2,000 million people do not have a minimally decent living conditions and that 1,000 million lack access to clean water. In fact, "80 percent of infectious diseases are linked to the consumption of water."

For this reason, criticized the "pseudo" argumentsthat cast doubt on climate change and stressed the "task of all" care for the Earth. This happens, in his view, by tax policy to modify or change the current "consumption patterns", as well as to achieve a comprehensive settlement, as Gorbachev believes that "neither the strongest" of countries can face these challenges alone. The father of perestroika criticized that society has not learned from the Cold War between Russia and the United States he helped to eliminate. From this period are his early desire to eliminate nuclear weapons - because in a conflict with atomic weapons there would be "winners" - and his defense of sustainability, among other things with the foundation in 1993, de la Cruz Verde.

Gorbachev lamented that to resolve the issues "in this global world" are still using "old methods." We should not dominate, we must cooperate," he said during his speech, which were very present the implications for the fight against climate change has had the financial crisis, as in the time it took the Cold War in to be invested "billions of dollars."
The speaker's presentation was given by former Spanish minister and former High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union Javier Solana, who called it "good friend" Gorbachev."I appreciate that for many years," he said, recalling their first encounters.
He noted his anticipation of issues for discussion XXI century as nuclear disarmament or sustainability, though mostly applauded his ability to be a "hero of the withdrawal" of the "have conquered, not defend their position, but quit to it. " "He is a hero who was able to do something more difficult to conquer," he added Solana, who said "do not cling to a lost cause," as in his day it was the Soviet Union, "is heroic."
Former USSR President also referred to all the historical events that occurred in the late eighties and early nineties of last century when there were, in addition to the fall of communism in Moscow, German reunification, or processes democratic "dozens of countries."

Russia was inspired by Spain, according to Gorbachev. The values of this country that has left the dictatorship without "breaking the nation" or "create contradictions," while praising it did not occur "bloodshed". With the transition after Franco, Spain has won international "respect", said the former president."

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Gorbatchev Solana and Tagore meditation

"Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev will open tomorrow, the Sixth International Conference of Eduardo Barreiros Foundation and Fundación Mapfre, this year entitled 'The Sustainable City' and meet personalities such as former secretary general of NATO, Javier Solana and the former prime minister of Norway, Gro Harlem Brundtland.

As reported by the organization, the focus of this meeting will be the technology, strategy and economic policy at the international level, and urban planning within the context of a more sustainable society.
Thus, the debate will be on alternative energy and urban transport, the role of enterprises in technological development applied to the automotive industry, and new proposals from architects and urban planners of international prestige in building sustainable cities.
The Conference is organized in individual papers and panel discussions that address the key talks to achieve a more efficient urban development in environmental terms..."

"Catalan businessmen undergo three days of reflection without action
Exhausted, ended yesterday a week that have agreed three days that have drawn the triangle of economic thinking in Catalonia, held in Manresa, S'Agaró and Amposta and the common denominator that their discussions have not translated into action. Not a bad document. Felipe Gonzalez warned a plaid shirt in his speech at the Chair of Leadership and Democratic Governance Esade held in the monastery of Sant Benet Bages, in recommending the need to move from "think tank" to "action tank" after predicting that "now we are incubating the next financial crisis" and to share with Javier Solana that the "mandarin" Chinese cause "intellectual admiration among some entrepreneurs."
Adolf Everything CatalunyaCaixa CEO first, and Antoni Pont, Borges group then insisted on claiming that "moving from reflection to some action."All, who noted that in times of crisis 'leaders should attend the monasteries over the gyms', quoted Tagore to remember that "not enough looking at the sea to cross, you have to throw and get wet." He was referring to the need for entrepreneurship as a collective wet Catalan, finding a common denominator of ideas, values and attitudes that feel comfortable and able to come out stronger from this crisis. He acknowledged that it was a bold proposal, but suggested, for example, that the hundreds of businessmen and politicians signed a manifesto present shaky principle for an action that "would not hurt anyone."

Saturday, October 02, 2010


yalta to start


translation from German version of Ukrain Govermental site:
01-10-2010 09:46 Ukrainian elite will be meeting with world celebrities and elitists This Friday the Seventh Conference YES will take off.
The first day of October 2010, should change the participation of Ukraine in the development of new economic and political world architecture (New World Order), because just this Friday begins the Seventh Conference of Yalta European Strategy (YES). The conference will be attended by such world famous politicians and state representatives, such as former High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, Javier Solana, the former Foreign Minister, Joschka Fischer, the EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy, Štefan Füle, the ex President of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski, and the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Kudrin. In addition, the participation of other celebrities scheduled with live-connection, so the discussion will be joined by the Seventh United Nations Secretary General Kofi Atta Annan, Larry Summers and many other famous bankers, journalists, experts and businessmen. During the three-day conference they will take a look at issues such as new world order and its main players, air disturbances, fighting the current crisis and energy security issues are to be discussed. Link

another link

...almost slipped through under the radar...Javier Solana did not just present his own book these days, but also spoke at the book presentation of Maximo Cajal, Special Representative of the Spanish President in charge of the Alliance of Civilisations project. This is another moment were we can see the links between Solana's New World Order words and actions and the steps of the Alliance of Civilizations to win more influence in regulating civic behaviour:


Maximo Cajal has been also Spains ambassador to Guatemala, Sweden and France, Representative to the Council of the Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Foreign Secretary.

"The diplomat and writer, told IPS that the U.S. foreign policy is a big problem for the EU, when this block is also facing its own challenges and its extension to new members."

Cajal, who led the delegation to Madrid in the negotiations for the recognition by Spain of the State of Israel (1985), commitment to negotiation and not by the use of force in all international conflicts...Cajal, who has represented at this year Zapatero on the agenda of the Organization of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, marks another problem that exists, "the polarization and distrust" between Arab countries and Europe. If we do not better harmonize these relationships there may be a fracture that would become "a threat to international peace," he said. Another sector that sharply criticizes in his book is the Spanish Catholic Church, "comfortably seated in the chair of the state religion and has never accepted the individual autonomy, freedom." That church, added, "blesses and mobilizes civil disobedience street of the most reactionary sectors of the country against the democratically elected government." At the same time, explains, "historical revisionism guarantees similar to that in Rome strives to dismantle the legacy of Vatican II" as the church-based or liberation theology.

So, he says, "Our country does not travel steadily into the XXI century while it does not shake the fear of freedom, to fully assume its destiny and free themselves from the shackling and oppressing religion for once and all." And long ago he asked, referring to the attitude of the Church: "How is it possible to listen without anger that the Catholic hierarchy rejects the Education for Citizenship, calling it indoctrination."
But now the problem is over, because the Supreme Court rejected the right to exercise conscientious objection to the course Education for Citizenship and Human Rights.
On the enlargement of the EU, he believes that it is producing significant questions the internal situation of the seven countries seeking to join, adding to the 27 that currently make up the regional bloc. These are Turkey, Croatia, Macedonia, Iceland, Montenegro, Albania and Serbia.
At the presentation of the book spoke Javier Solana, who was Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Education and Culture. Solana said that the slaughter of Guatemala (farmer: 1980 burning of the ambassy where Cajal was the only survivor, Link) was to Cajal "a tremendous real-time experience that changed his life to see the reality of the forces of the world" That reality is still in force for this retired diplomat, but he is still active, analyzing and promoting positive ideas, "with dreams and nightmares."
"The aim of the initiative is for all the
citizens of the world to unite in placing
their universal citizenship before their
condition as citizens of a country, religion
or civilization. The Alliance of Civilizations..."
(based on papers of Zapatero and Maximo Cajal)LINK
Maximo Cajal at FRIDE
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