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...almost slipped through under the radar...Javier Solana did not just present his own book these days, but also spoke at the book presentation of Maximo Cajal, Special Representative of the Spanish President in charge of the Alliance of Civilisations project. This is another moment were we can see the links between Solana's New World Order words and actions and the steps of the Alliance of Civilizations to win more influence in regulating civic behaviour:


Maximo Cajal has been also Spains ambassador to Guatemala, Sweden and France, Representative to the Council of the Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Foreign Secretary.

"The diplomat and writer, told IPS that the U.S. foreign policy is a big problem for the EU, when this block is also facing its own challenges and its extension to new members."

Cajal, who led the delegation to Madrid in the negotiations for the recognition by Spain of the State of Israel (1985), commitment to negotiation and not by the use of force in all international conflicts...Cajal, who has represented at this year Zapatero on the agenda of the Organization of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, marks another problem that exists, "the polarization and distrust" between Arab countries and Europe. If we do not better harmonize these relationships there may be a fracture that would become "a threat to international peace," he said. Another sector that sharply criticizes in his book is the Spanish Catholic Church, "comfortably seated in the chair of the state religion and has never accepted the individual autonomy, freedom." That church, added, "blesses and mobilizes civil disobedience street of the most reactionary sectors of the country against the democratically elected government." At the same time, explains, "historical revisionism guarantees similar to that in Rome strives to dismantle the legacy of Vatican II" as the church-based or liberation theology.

So, he says, "Our country does not travel steadily into the XXI century while it does not shake the fear of freedom, to fully assume its destiny and free themselves from the shackling and oppressing religion for once and all." And long ago he asked, referring to the attitude of the Church: "How is it possible to listen without anger that the Catholic hierarchy rejects the Education for Citizenship, calling it indoctrination."
But now the problem is over, because the Supreme Court rejected the right to exercise conscientious objection to the course Education for Citizenship and Human Rights.
On the enlargement of the EU, he believes that it is producing significant questions the internal situation of the seven countries seeking to join, adding to the 27 that currently make up the regional bloc. These are Turkey, Croatia, Macedonia, Iceland, Montenegro, Albania and Serbia.
At the presentation of the book spoke Javier Solana, who was Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Education and Culture. Solana said that the slaughter of Guatemala (farmer: 1980 burning of the ambassy where Cajal was the only survivor, Link) was to Cajal "a tremendous real-time experience that changed his life to see the reality of the forces of the world" That reality is still in force for this retired diplomat, but he is still active, analyzing and promoting positive ideas, "with dreams and nightmares."
"The aim of the initiative is for all the
citizens of the world to unite in placing
their universal citizenship before their
condition as citizens of a country, religion
or civilization. The Alliance of Civilizations..."
(based on papers of Zapatero and Maximo Cajal)LINK
Maximo Cajal at FRIDE
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