Sunday, October 03, 2010

Gorbatchev Solana and Tagore meditation

"Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev will open tomorrow, the Sixth International Conference of Eduardo Barreiros Foundation and Fundación Mapfre, this year entitled 'The Sustainable City' and meet personalities such as former secretary general of NATO, Javier Solana and the former prime minister of Norway, Gro Harlem Brundtland.

As reported by the organization, the focus of this meeting will be the technology, strategy and economic policy at the international level, and urban planning within the context of a more sustainable society.
Thus, the debate will be on alternative energy and urban transport, the role of enterprises in technological development applied to the automotive industry, and new proposals from architects and urban planners of international prestige in building sustainable cities.
The Conference is organized in individual papers and panel discussions that address the key talks to achieve a more efficient urban development in environmental terms..."

"Catalan businessmen undergo three days of reflection without action
Exhausted, ended yesterday a week that have agreed three days that have drawn the triangle of economic thinking in Catalonia, held in Manresa, S'Agaró and Amposta and the common denominator that their discussions have not translated into action. Not a bad document. Felipe Gonzalez warned a plaid shirt in his speech at the Chair of Leadership and Democratic Governance Esade held in the monastery of Sant Benet Bages, in recommending the need to move from "think tank" to "action tank" after predicting that "now we are incubating the next financial crisis" and to share with Javier Solana that the "mandarin" Chinese cause "intellectual admiration among some entrepreneurs."
Adolf Everything CatalunyaCaixa CEO first, and Antoni Pont, Borges group then insisted on claiming that "moving from reflection to some action."All, who noted that in times of crisis 'leaders should attend the monasteries over the gyms', quoted Tagore to remember that "not enough looking at the sea to cross, you have to throw and get wet." He was referring to the need for entrepreneurship as a collective wet Catalan, finding a common denominator of ideas, values and attitudes that feel comfortable and able to come out stronger from this crisis. He acknowledged that it was a bold proposal, but suggested, for example, that the hundreds of businessmen and politicians signed a manifesto present shaky principle for an action that "would not hurt anyone."

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