Tuesday, October 12, 2010

grand cross of the order of Christ

On Saturday, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said Tehran considered late October or early November as an appropriate time for a resumption of the talks but a spokesman for EU's Ashton said no date had been set. "Mrs. Ashton is still ready to talk to Iran and is hopeful that this will be possible," spokesman Darren Ennis told AFP in response to Mottaki's remarks. Mehmanparast directly blamed Ashton for the stalemate. "If she is really eager for negotiations, she should be more active," he insisted, adding that her predecessor Javier Solana was "more active." "We have announced our readiness for negotiations. But the other side ... is not really following up, or is not serious" about resuming the dialogue, he said. Link

Javier Solana awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Christ

"Former High Representative of the European Union (EU) Foreign Policy Javier Solana will be awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Christ on Wednesday in Lisbon, the "relations of exemplary cooperation" with the Portuguese EU presidencies .

The delivery of the order will be made by Foreign Minister Luis Amado, as delegated by the President of the Republic, which receives the political audience in Spanish, according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs". Link

"The Military Order of Christ is a Portuguese honorific order that has inherited the name of the former Order of Christ ( 1834 ), which is awarded for outstanding services rendered in performing functions in positions of sovereignty or public administration, and the judiciary and diplomacy, to those who deserve to be specially distinguished." Link

"The Order of Christ is a religious order and military , created March 14, 1319 by the Papal bull Ad ea ex-quibus of John XXII , that thus he would help the claims of King Dinis . .. The building of the Temple of Solomon and some of its lines of construction may have served as inspiration for the architecture of the Templars". Link

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