Tuesday, October 05, 2010

toxic red flood

In pictures: Hungary's red toxic spill: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-11475136
Exact 20 years after the German reunification a red toxic flood burries 3 towns in Hungary, the red water flows towards the Danube. Rivers become red. At the same time the "former red leader" and"global water manager" Gorbatchev holds a speech in presence of Solana, 11 years on the day when Solana resigned from his post as NATO Secretary General to become EU Foreign Chief:
"Gorbachev: Natural disasters remind the state of the planet
Former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev in Madrid defended the fight against climate change and a commitment to ecological measures involving "all", from politicians to civil society, and noted that recent natural disasters are a "reminder" the current situation of the planet.

At a conference in the framework of the forum 'Sustainable City', organized by the Eduardo Barreiros Foundation and the Foundation Mapfre, Gorbachev criticized the "irresponsible use of the planet's resources" and gave as an example of the consequences of climate change is recent wave Heat in Russia, which caused record temperatures and severe fires. "We are responsible for our planet, the legacy we leave future generations," he said, and he added that the conflict between people and the environment has reached levels "unprecedented." In this regard, he cited the ecology as one of the "global challenges" XXI century and recalled that this issue has a "direct connection" with other issues vital to humanity as security, international and domestic conflicts, migration flows , increasing poverty and the crisis of water, among others.
The Nobel Peace Prize owner recalled that 2,000 million people do not have a minimally decent living conditions and that 1,000 million lack access to clean water. In fact, "80 percent of infectious diseases are linked to the consumption of water."

For this reason, criticized the "pseudo" argumentsthat cast doubt on climate change and stressed the "task of all" care for the Earth. This happens, in his view, by tax policy to modify or change the current "consumption patterns", as well as to achieve a comprehensive settlement, as Gorbachev believes that "neither the strongest" of countries can face these challenges alone. The father of perestroika criticized that society has not learned from the Cold War between Russia and the United States he helped to eliminate. From this period are his early desire to eliminate nuclear weapons - because in a conflict with atomic weapons there would be "winners" - and his defense of sustainability, among other things with the foundation in 1993, de la Cruz Verde.

Gorbachev lamented that to resolve the issues "in this global world" are still using "old methods." We should not dominate, we must cooperate," he said during his speech, which were very present the implications for the fight against climate change has had the financial crisis, as in the time it took the Cold War in to be invested "billions of dollars."
The speaker's presentation was given by former Spanish minister and former High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union Javier Solana, who called it "good friend" Gorbachev."I appreciate that for many years," he said, recalling their first encounters.
He noted his anticipation of issues for discussion XXI century as nuclear disarmament or sustainability, though mostly applauded his ability to be a "hero of the withdrawal" of the "have conquered, not defend their position, but quit to it. " "He is a hero who was able to do something more difficult to conquer," he added Solana, who said "do not cling to a lost cause," as in his day it was the Soviet Union, "is heroic."
Former USSR President also referred to all the historical events that occurred in the late eighties and early nineties of last century when there were, in addition to the fall of communism in Moscow, German reunification, or processes democratic "dozens of countries."

Russia was inspired by Spain, according to Gorbachev. The values of this country that has left the dictatorship without "breaking the nation" or "create contradictions," while praising it did not occur "bloodshed". With the transition after Franco, Spain has won international "respect", said the former president."

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I am so sorry to see the toxic mess in your homeland and my prayers for all!