Wednesday, November 17, 2010

6 major threats/triple perspective/Solana writes 1st plan on global security threats


The (Spanish) Government has collected for the first time ever, all the risks and threats to the country to develop a strategy that will set the security policy in the coming years. A coordinated inter-ministerial team has worked Presidency for a year in preparing the report under the direction of former High Representative for EU Foreign Policy, Javier Solana.

The document entitled Spanish security strategy to be approved at a forthcoming Council of Ministers,not only those recognized as hazards traditionally sensitive issues such as terrorism or armed conflict, but its vision extends to issues such as environmental disasters, and cyber threats economic and financial insecurity.

...On the latter issue, the panel has made a series of proposals to deal with the instability of the market economy. The text, which was seen by public, urges the Executive to enhance the Spanish international economic presence by establishing an Economic Intelligence System (EIS), a kind of National Intelligence Centre (CNI), to "promote and defend national economic interests"

To address the doubts that might generate the Spanish intervention in any armed conflict, the study envisages the creation of an Integrated Response Unit. It is a body to "enhance civil-military coordination with the proliferation of conflict." Link

"The text also says that international terrorism is closely connected with organized crime. "Without a doubt, the most significant threats at this time we are threats that are linked to organized crime, from the black money to the drug, the manipulation of people, bodies, everything that has a common element," says Solana: "a group of people organized to do evil." Another threat, according to Solana, is climate change: "In the world live in contact with the sea, millions of people. A very small sea level rise, for example, may be ahead of cities, towns, etc.." The manager of the document goes on to argue in this regard. "We have one planet, we have just one, we have no other, and therefore we want it better, that we care and that we avoid those things that put you at risk. " Link

"In all cases the Ministry of Defense placed the "peace building" as "key feature of the security policy." It will do so through a In all cases the Ministry of Defense placed the "peace building" as "key feature of the security policy." It will do so through a "triple perspective" act "before (for the avoidance of confrontation), during (to solve) and after (to return to normal)." The whole process will have a "holistic approach" with diplomatic, civilian and humanitarian.

Integrated Response Unit Exterior (URIE) that the Executive will develop the same approach and seek to develop the "potential Spanish civil plaintiff" in the conflict. The goal is to have specialists in different areas that may direct the Army and the central government on how to deal with these conflicts. .

Against this threat, the Spanish strategy will enhance "resources and intelligence capabilities of the Intelligence Center of Organized Crime (ICOS) and try to improve coordination between national and international agencies through their respective police services. It is not excluded, likewise, carried out new legislative developments in this regard.

The report also includes cyber threats among the risks that will face Spain in the coming months.Prevent cyberterrorism by cyberwar or organized groups going to "improve security in cyberspace" by strengthening legislation, highlight the text.Immigration is presented by the ministerial group as another of the threats facing the country. As noted by study addressed Javier Solana, the flow of illegal immigrants "can generate social conflict" or "urban ghettos" where extremist radicalization, religious or ideological may have its "breeding ground". Alert also the risk of encouraging the economic exploitation by criminal organizations and, consequently, the possible "destabilization" of some productive sectors.

The prevention of risks associated with this phenomenon happens, according to the Spanish security strategy, "the collaboration between various government departments, social organizations and the private sector." The ultimate goal is the development of "appropriate policies for legal immigration and social integration."...

The framework of economic development should be the EU, where Spain will "contribute to an effective economic and financial governance."" Link

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