Friday, November 19, 2010

Is the EU's foreign policy lead by British agents?


book of former Solana adviser Robert Cooper
Iran and the "5 +1" talks will by managed by the Chief of Foreign Affairs Baroness Catherine Ashton. Because the European Union does not have diplomatic experience, allegedly behind the scenes of EU Foreign Service commands the British secret service.

"The talks between Iran and the United Nations Security Council members and Germany and the European Union is expected to be chaired by Baroness Catherine Ashton Chief of Foreign Affairs of the EU. Question marks were raised about her diplomatic competence. That 55-year-old Ashton's former diplomatic career had nothing to do with the many offices of the United Nations operation is increasing the suspicion of the EU diplomats.

Baroness Catherine Ashton, not as her predecessor, Javier Solana, does not care too much about the diplomatic issues, the talks with Iran can not help to overcome concerns about Iran's maneuvers. In addition, with her poor knowledge of diplomacy, the chef, in fact, is allegedly led by deputy, Robert Cooper. Cooper is known to have as a very close friend the British intelligence service MI6 chief John Sawers.

(LefT - Foreign News, Turkey)Link,

"The UK spying apparatus, MI6 is administering European foreign policy affairs in absence of an experienced diplomat in charge of the EU foreign policy, warn veteran western diplomats.

The diplomats are increasingly worried about an inexperienced non-diplomat taking the reins as EU foreign policy chief and the Group 5+1 on eve of talks with Iran.

Baroness Catherine Ashton, a British national, as EU foreign policy chief will chair upcoming comprehensive talks between Iran and the so-called 5+1 group comprised of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council including the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China plus Germany.

Ashton sparked serious concern among her peers across Europe when recently unilaterally announced the time for Iran talks but she was forced to change it on Iran's insistence.

Those concerns multiplied when it was disclosed that the EU's historic rival, MI6, the British spying agency was playing a strong role in shaping Catherine Ashton policies.

Most EU diplomats believe, the European Union has picked the inexperienced Ashton, who despite her predecessor Javier Solana, lacks enough knowledge in diplomacy and foreign policy.

Probably, she is fiercely criticized because her predecessors such as Solana enjoyed valuable capabilities. The over 60 years old Ashton, in her diplomatic and non-diplomatic career, has only served as the head of National Council for Single Parent Families, the chief of National Documents Organization, Trade Institute Management, and parliamentary deputy to two unrelated ministries in Britain.

Ashton, in her sole diplomatic position, had run Disarmament Commission's financial affairs that her critics say major financial delinquencies have occurred during her tenure.

However, Britain's intelligence agency is using the inexperienced Ashton to run the EU foreign policy. Veteran EU diplomats firmly believe that Lady Ashton's deputy (Robert) Cooper is acting as the EU's shadow foreign policy chief. Cooper is a close friend of MI6 chief John Sawers (farmer: ...and another hint, also Javier Solana, for whom he also drafted the European Security Strategy).

Now, it seems that pre-determined policies in London will shape the outcome of upcoming Iran-P5+1 talks. And, with Cooper and Sawers behind the pre-determined policies, you can expect the same results as previous talks that were schemed by neo-conservatives like John Bolton, the US veteran diplomat.

Of course, the current US government would not welcome such outcome since it favors an approach that could lead to a kind of settlement with Iran in this round of talks"

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