Thursday, December 02, 2010

double life

RESTLESS Javier Solana is still collecting frequent flyer points en masse. Or does he have a double? In the last one and half weeks alone his known whereabouts were, in that order: Portugal, Warsaw, Rome (Italian-Spain summit), Girona, Spain (CEDE meeting) on Wednesday, yesterday he suddenly popped up in Budapest, Hungary.

"A fundamental transformation in the coming decades will take place in the world's GDP structure, economic powers towards the east will transform - pointed out Javier Solana at the Budapest Central European University (CEU), in a lecture before the students.

He estimated that of the so-called E-7 countries (China, India, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey), the gross product of 2020 will exceed the world's leading industrial countries comprising the G-7 group. Solana sees a unipolar world, security remains in effect, the power of the United States could not be impugned, however a multipolar economic plane is created. He stated that the exponential growth of world GDP will continue, while population growth will remain moderate and this trend is the revolution of the 19th century, that began in the 20th century." LINK

farmer: Before the meeting Solana met behind closed doors with a group of jounalists. Other unofficial meetings can only stay a guess, though most probable, as Hungary is the country that is going to head the EU council presidency in the first half of 2011, that is in 30 days...see also: Link


Then there is this Spanish article (Elconfidential) complaing of the loss of Spanish influence in EU diplomacy since Solana stepped back from his EU post and telling about the only important Spaniard that was just drafted to be named by Catherine Asthon: "Thomas Duplá del Moral as European Commission commissioner for Middle East and southern Mediterranean, who will remain placed at the Mediterranean geographical area. Throughout his long career in Brussels, Duplo has also worked as commissioner for Latin America, and has been responsible for the offices dedicated to Palestine, Lebanon and Israel."Link

Dupla, means "Double","Pair" in Spanish and Hungarian, "Doppel" in German. "Doppelmoral" translates "double standard". He is - like Solana - a Madrid Compultense University guy and Fulbright Scolar. At the European Commission in Brussels, he was Desk Officer for Palestine and Lebanon (1989-1992), Head of Sector "Occupied Territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip" (1992-1993), European Commission Representative to the Occupied Territories and Head of the European Commission Technical Assistance Offices in Jerusalem and Gaza (1994-1996), Head of the Mashrak and Israel Unit (1996-2001).

More about the new posts of the European External Service has just been published by EUobserver:"Relations with the US and China, climate change, poverty eradication, crisis management and counter-terrorism are to be the top priorities of the EU's new diplomatic corps, EU foreign relations chief Catherine Ashton told her stable of 136 ambassadors at a behind-closed-doors meeting in Brussels on Wednesday (1 December).The speech, given at a regular annual gathering of EU envoys in the European Commission headquarters, doubled up as a low-key launch ceremony for the European External Action Service (EEAS), which formally began life the same day....On Wilileaks: ""She noted that the cables show how the US is actually working in partnership with other countries, how they prove the conspiracy theorists wrong."Mr Barroso' speech urged the ambassadors to be "more assertive" in "co-shaping" the global agenda....French EEAS secretary general Mr Vimont spoke of the need to merge the different "cultures" of member states, the European Council and the commission inside the service. Irish EEAS administration chief David O'Sullivan's catchphrase was that the EEAS will stamp the union's "footprint" on the world. "There is a very exciting atmosphere. We feel like we are the builders of the new foreign service of the EU."In a related development, Ms Ashton's office on Thursday named 57-year-old Italian crisis management specialist Agostino Miozzo as her right-hand-man in charge of civilian and military crisis-response planning. The post reports directly to Ms Ashton and stands above the still-to-be-named head of the EU's intelligence-sharing bureau, the Joint Situation Centre."Link

stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

His actions on behalf of the EU (i.e, flying to Hungary, the soon-to-be president of the EU Council, as was his custom when HRCFSP) must appear very selfless, to most.


Anonymous said...

"EEAS will stamp the union's "footprint" on the world."

One must wonder if it bears (no pun intended) any relation to Daniel 7:7.


Anonymous said...

The very good doctor looks rather animated lately.

Anonymous said...

It would appear that the very good doctor may have attended the recent NATO and EU-U.S. summits in Lisbon, Portugal, according to the article you posted, Farmer (so much for retirement).

Anonymous said...

Western European Union Assembly press release, dated 12/2/10:

"In CFSP, he said 2011 could be “a decisive year” for the western Balkans provided that the EU stuck to its policy of enlargement, and that Hungary would focus its attention on the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP),.."