Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's ten plus Solana

"former politicans are threatening Israel" Link
letter was signed 2010.12.06 (2010.6.6+6), 7 pages, by 10 former EU leaders plus Solana (+ Chris Patten and the participating CFR crowd), that is 26, probably at 66 Knightsbridge, London.

"A deadline of April 2011 for progress in peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians should be set, after which the international community should intervene".

"Time to secure a sustainable peace is fast running out," said the group, which includes former EU commissioner Chris Patten, former EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, former Irish president Mary Robinson and another nine former heads of state... "It is clear that without a rapid and dramatic move … a two-state solution, which forms the one and only available option for solution of this conflict, will be increasingly difficult to attain"....The situation in East Jerusalem, it says, is the "most critical flashpoint and greatest threat" to a peace deal." Link

"Tirawi expressed fear of an “explosion” in the Palestinian territories, not only because of the settlements, but also due to the “threat” to the Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem. “I’ve been reading about warnings from an Israeli security official that parts of the Aksa Mosque may collapse,” he said. “I have warned in the past and say now that we can speculate what would happen if one stone of the Aksa Mosque falls. I fear we are headed toward an explosion. This could be the trigger that would set a fire in the whole region.” Link

"It also represents the first time that the forerunner of EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton, Javier Solana, has come out of the wings to challenge the newcomer.

The proposals read like a red rag to a bull as far as Israel is concerned."

"...Don’t bother looking for the word “Hamas” in this letter, or “Hizbullah,” or “Iran,” because those words don’t appear. Also don’t waste time looking for any reference to Palestinian terrorism or Israel’s security needs. You’ll come up empty. Read this letter and, essentially, you see that 26 influential EU voices – though now out of office – have essentially said the Palestinians are right, the Israelis are wrong, let’s all admit that, impose a solution, and move on. The current EU leadership has not signed onto this letter, and is unlikely to do so when the block’s foreign ministers meet Monday. But the voices of the 26 are anything but voices in the wilderness, and their calls are what makes Jerusalem so skeptical of the EU, and – by comparison – so pleased with Clinton, even if her comments were also not a ringing endorsement of Israel’s policies. What Clinton’s speech did do, however, was at least take into account Israel’s argument, something completely absent in the recommendations made by the former EU leaders." Link

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