Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nazi practices in Kosovo

José Manuel Ponte (google translated)

"New evidence on the selective fascism (secret prisons, mass media lies, political corruption, financial dictatorship etc) that is slowly infecting society. In a report recently approved by the Council of Europe provide credible evidence about the sinister organ trafficking in Kosovo carried out by members of the guerrilla albanokosowar currently in power with the backing of NATO and the United States. According to the account of the report's author, a former Swiss judge, the Serb prisoners were held on farms and relatively well cared for and fed for a while. Then, once the mandatory medical tests for compatibility, they moved to a secret location inside Albania and there were killed to extract their organs and sell them to private clinics abroad.
The description of these horrors seems typical of an episode of repression Nazi doctor Mengele as the main character, but just happened in the heart of Europe and has been disseminated by the press as if it were one of those gruesomeness we accustomed to reading in the pages of events. Recently, also I knew of a medical society that condemns South Africa for trading in organs bought in South America to be transplanted into patients with Israeli citizenship, but the news did not cause more commotion. Perhaps because the levels of social sensitivity in the same increase as the level of terror grows, and it looks better and more convenient to look for another party, or bury our heads in the sand like an ostrich.
Of course, the authorities in Kosovo (territory recognized as independent nation by many NATO countries, except Spain), have denied the facts, and the United States, which is where one of its largest military bases, called for more srong tests. The artificial creation of Kosovo (historically a province of Serbia) as an independent nation is one of the most shameful episodes in modern diplomacy and the final shot of the bloody destruction of the Yugoslav Federation. A perfectly planned operation before the start of the illegal NATO bombing (which was then head of our illustrious compatriot and regular holidaymaker in Bueu, Javier Solana) and served on a platter to the United States to install the base at Camp Bondsteel. A strategic location for the defense of the network of pipelines that carry oil from the Caspian Sea, in addition to other power brokers. The construction of this base, which began under President Clinton, was concluded with Bush as proof that the interests of the Empire are always the same.
According to the most serious, Kosovo is currently a territory run by mafias involved, among other lucrative activities, drug trafficking and prostitution networks. In fact, it has never ceased to be so since the beginning of the war against Serbia. Despite the intense propaganda campaign to present them as "freedom fighters" (that pompous name under which Reagan baptized mafia gangs at your service) the leaders of the UCK, the Albanian guerrillas, were always linked to dirty business .
We all remember that in Spain there was a case that while our government supported the NATO bombing and the "heroic struggle" of the KLA, Kosovo Albanians with criminal gangs attacked and looted military training companies in many industrial areas using an unusual violence."

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