Thursday, December 23, 2010

Swiss police said on Thursday a suspect package had been sent to the European Union embassy in Berne.

Is the topic organ deals of Kosovo getting too hot for some men in high places? New headlines needed for Christmas?

"Swiss police said on Thursday a suspect package had been sent to the European Union embassy in Berne. Parts of the building have been cleared and the package was being investigated, a spokeswoman for Berne police said.

Police in Rome were checking embassies on Thursday after two people were injured in separate explosions at the Swiss and Chilean missions". LINK

The attack on the Swiss building was ‘a deplorable act of violence that deserves our strongest condemnation’, said Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini. Rome mayor Gianni Alemanno added: ‘It’s a wave of terrorism against the embassies.’...‘We still need to understand the nature of these episodes – all the embassies have been alerted.’ Link

"While no group has been identified, there is speculation it could be the work of anarchists angry at the jailing of supporters in Switzerland." Link

"Europe was already on edge after the arrest of a dozen terrorism suspects in Britain on Monday. The region has also been racked in recent months by street protests over stiff austerity measures and continued economic hard times." Link

"Late Thursday night, the Italian news agency ANSA reported that a claim by anarchists was found in a small box near one of the wounded employees, and was being examined by anti-terrorism police squad. Anti-terrorism police at Rome police headquarters refused to comment on the claim, which ANSA said was made by a group called the Informal Anarchist Federation, or FAI. "Long live FAI, long live anarchy," the claim reportedly said. Anarchists were blamed by authorities last week for bloody clashes between protesters and police in Rome that marred otherwise peaceful demonstrations by students against a university reform law. The legislation received final approval in parliament Thursday.

For Thursday's twin embassy mail bombs, less than three hours apart, Italian investigators are pursuing the "trail of anarchists-insurrectionists," Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, whose ministry includes anti-terrorist police, told reporters. "Various elements lead us to think that this is the correct path."

"These are very violent groups that are also present in Spain and Greece and are very well connected," the minister said.

In Athens, Greek law enforcement officials said that Greek anti-terror police were contacted in the evening by Italian colleagues but that no link with the Greek parcel bombs was immediately apparent." Link

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