Monday, December 13, 2010

Who are the 10 kings? Here is the full letter:

FROM: 26 European Former Leaders Group (EFLG)

RE: Application of Council Conclusions on the Middle East Peace Process

The 10 former Presidents or Prime Ministers:

Former Prime Minister (Norway) Thorvald Stoltenberg

Former President (Latvia) Vaira Vike-Freiberga,

Former President (Germany) Richard von Weizsäcker.

Former Prime Minister (Netherlands) Andreas van Agt,

Former Prime Minister (Italy) Guiliano Amato,

Former Prime Minister (Spain) Felipe Gonzales,

Former President (Irland) Mary Robinson,

Former President of the EU Commission and ExPrime Minister (Italy) Romano Prodi,

Former Chancellor (Germany) Helmut Schmidt,

Former Prime Minister (France) Lionel Jospin

The other 16 signatories:

Former Vice-President of the European Commission Chris Patten (co-chair),

Former Foreign Minister Hubert Védrine (co-chair),

Former Finance Minister, ExVice-President of the European Commission

Frans Andriessen,

Former Minister and Former Vice-Prime Minister Laurens Jan Brinkhorst,

Former Foreign Minister and former EU Commissioner Hans van den Broek,

Former Foreign Minister Hervé De Charrette,

Former Foreign Minister Roland Dumas,

Former European Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner,

Former Foreign Minister Teresa Patricio Gouveia,

Former Deputy Prime Minister Lena Hjelm-Wallén,

Former Minister and Senator Jean Francois-Poncet,

Chairman Swedish Social Democratic Party Mona Sahlin,

Former Minister and Member of Parliament Clare Short,

Former High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana,

Former Director-General of the WTO Peter D. Sutherland,

Former Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja,

Read the Letter here:

note: also member of this group, but not signatory is Jorge Sampaïo, (President of portugal 1996-2006, leader of Alliance of Civilizations (AoC)), see also the affiliated parallel group in the US which includes Brzezinski, Volcker and Wolfensohn:

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