Monday, January 31, 2011

The last pharaoh

Hosni Mubarak, left, during a meeting with Javier Solana, foreign policy and EU security, before the start of the summit on the Middle East held in Sharm El Sheik in 2000. (AP / Jerome Delay) LINK

European Commission President Jose Manuel Durao Barroso will attend the ceremony for the 'Charles V European Award' that will be delivered by the Princes of Asturias to Javier Solana on 11 February (02.11.2011) at the Royal Monastery of Yuste. Also confirmed his attendance has United Nations High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations, former President of the Republic of Portugal and 'Charles V European Award' 2004, Jorge Fernando Branco de Sampaio, who also wanted to accompany the delivery at the award ceremony. Link

Friday, January 28, 2011

new Dutch watcher site

Me very happy to announce the watcher site in Dutch of my brother Mathieu!
stay tuned! farmer

citing from hispanidad today

The management team believes that the war of the liability is "irrational
and unsustainable"
"...Special mention should be social work. Maintains the 500 million euros, one third of total OBS savings sector. And almost everything is on social, dedicated to fighting poverty is not to promote the show. 335 million euros is for poverty, children, disabled, elderly and terminally ill.
Microbank provides microcredit to 25,000 euros. In affordable housing especially for young people, the OBS of Caixa has already placed 2,414 mostly young people, for rent. In international vaccination of children, even beyond our borders have been put through the dangerous Bill Gates Foundation , dedicated to gender ideology, contraception, etc. in addition to the elusive member of the New World Order (DND), Javier Solana : What a danger!
Eulogio López"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Solana talking about drugs

'Javier Solana: failed war on drugs. We need a new vision.
Eminent personalities are meeting today in Geneva to discuss the differences between drug traffickers and local and artisanal production of drugs, decriminalization of marijuana for personal use and other topics during a symposium that seeks a global debate about drugs, their use and trade.

The committee is composed of former presidents of producer countries, European politicians and eminent personalities from the arts and civil society who will discuss the potential benefits of drug legalization.

José Zepeda: It seems that it is very timely meeting of this Committee, and I say it seems that what exists so far, to the international level, policies or local initiatives but there is no Latin American policy, no policy European Union, over the issue of drugs.
Javier Solana: I think it's true what they say, and the answer is in some ways the creation of this Commission, which will try to do analysis and give some action, policy change has been taken in recent years, the "war on drugs", to call in some way, some have used this terminology, which I think is a failure.Therefore we must seek a new vision, which takes better account of two problems: the treatment of a person who unfortunately has a negative relationship with the drug, either because it is linked in a way so hard to leave her should be treated with the dignity that every human is trying to help, to address the health and medical components that have this problem, and from another point of view, we are seeing international criminal organizations are gaining ground. Both show that there is some failure in the policy that has led so far and worth a new look, a different perspective from the global perspective.

JZ: These two sectors that appear very strong in the public arena, those who are prohibitionists, who did not want anything from legalization, and others who do wish to move toward legalization. Are these sectors that have prevented one way or another, the search for practical solutions and harmonious?
JS: Little by little there is to be moving toward a term I would describe as "decriminalization of drug use."That would be a way forward, where we could find common ground between one and another. Without a doubt, this is the effort to do, and I think in that direction will be the recommendations of this Commission, when you finish your work and you can make them public when they finish their work.

JZ: Mr. Solana, you know that one of the workhorses of politics, at least in the international arena of Latin American countries, has been the pursuit of shared responsibility, both consumers and producers. Do you share that view?
JS: I fully agree here is everyone's responsibility, and that collectively, as any problems that have an almost global dimension, solutions also need the commitment, participation and accountability of all parties.

JZ: When you talk about decriminalization of the drug issue, we are talking about a long term process.
JS: We're talking about a process that can be long or may be less long, I dare not tell time. I believe we must also address the different drugs differently, but I think the cannabis, for example, there are countries which, more or less open, are addressing the issue of cannabis in a different way, trying to decriminalize use." Link

Just happened today I read the influence of Masonic Lodges in the Creation of English Secret Service CIA (going back to the times of Queen Elizabeth) and again CIA's influence in the creation of LSD (which was created at Sandoz, a Warburg-owned company) and their help in spreading it into the counter culture of the 60ties. The socalled "Anti-Establishment" could easily have been a social engeneering project with the long term goal of weaken the masses, together with the introduction of Far-Eastern Spirituality and Meditation methods to get them better attached to the "hive mind"-mass group consciousness and such can be better controlled....

see more here: The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship: An Examination of Epistemic Autocracy, From the 19th to the 21st Century, by Philip D. Collins and Paul D. Collins

here is an excerpt, but you better should read the book, for the part I related to! Link part 1, Link part 2

Saturday, January 22, 2011

international temple conservation and JS as expert here, ohoh

China's Silk road temple conservation held up as model

2011-01-22 12:50:00

Beijing, Jan 22 (IANS/AKI) A project to conserve a 634 AD temple along China's famed 'silk road' has turned a model for preservation and urban renovation, says the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) in a report.

'The protection and utilisation of the palace site has a far-reaching significance on the 'Silk Road' ...(and has) created a world model for site protection. What's more, it promotes a new model of urban development,' Javier Solana, an ICOMOS expert, stated.

The Tang dynasty (617-907 AD) monument, known as the Daming Palace, is considered the 'pinnacle of palace architecture in China', and became part of a local and national government initiative to 'preserve while developing' the site.

International archaeologists from ICOMOS have been monitoring the restoration of the neglected temple, located in a run-down area of the ancient city of Xi'an in China's central Shaanxi province.

The project aims to salvage the city's archaeological area, which has been illegally built on in recent years. It is also upgrading dilapidated and deprived residential parts of the area.

The site is one of 12 archaeological areas that have earned China's 'National Archaeological Park' recognition.

The site's renovation is the result of a 2007 meeting in Xi'an when authorities agreed to follow the principles of 'efficiently preserving...ancient culture while serving society.'

The Daming Palace National Heritage Park opened in October 2010.


and ICOMOS also cares about the "mediterranian heritage":

stay tuned!


Friday, January 21, 2011

global drug control

"A group of former presidents, some of the biggest producers in the world, Nobel Prize winners and health experts have decided to unite in an unprecedented project to seek alternatives to anti-drug policies that the evaluation of many, failed.
Wilton Junior/AE
Wilton Junior / AE
Consumption. Marijuana seized in Rio: drug trafficking threatens democracy now, group says

On Monday in Geneva, the Global Commission on Drug Policy will be launched and will discuss, among several proposals, the decriminalization of marijuana, in an initiative that promises to cause controversy.

The group will include personalities such as Mario Vargas Llosa, Spain's Javier Solana, former secretary general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the former Swiss president Ruth Dreifuss and entrepreneur Richard Branson, Virgin Group. The bloc will be spearheaded by former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. For all, the difference is only one: the war on drugs in the last 40 years has not worked and drug trafficking threatens democracy. One conclusion of the committee's work area was the realization that the war on drugs has not worked and that new policies should also be designed, including the benefits and risks of an eventual elimination of criminal penalties against marijuana possession. The group will discuss alternatives for implementation of policies that can be more creative and efficient than the mere elimination of the criminalization of production or consumption. For group members, it did not reduce the trafficking or drug use in the last 50 years.

The international group will evaluate doctors, specialists and lawyers concrete recommendations for reform of drug policy in the world. The group will not deal only with production, but its channels of trade, consumption and political and economic impact. "


The Global Drug Commission is a creation of Edelstein Center for Social Research,Instituto Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Plataforma Democrática, Open Society Institute from George Soros. They also finance the International Drug Policy Consortium(Link) which was inspired by the Beckley Foundation(Link) and also financed by the European Commission (Link).

Interesting enough the Beckley Foundation(Link) just changed their logo, so that the former included All-seeing Eye cannot be seen anymore. Their original logo can be found here: