Friday, January 28, 2011

citing from hispanidad today

The management team believes that the war of the liability is "irrational
and unsustainable"
"...Special mention should be social work. Maintains the 500 million euros, one third of total OBS savings sector. And almost everything is on social, dedicated to fighting poverty is not to promote the show. 335 million euros is for poverty, children, disabled, elderly and terminally ill.
Microbank provides microcredit to 25,000 euros. In affordable housing especially for young people, the OBS of Caixa has already placed 2,414 mostly young people, for rent. In international vaccination of children, even beyond our borders have been put through the dangerous Bill Gates Foundation , dedicated to gender ideology, contraception, etc. in addition to the elusive member of the New World Order (DND), Javier Solana : What a danger!
Eulogio López"

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