Friday, January 21, 2011

global drug control

"A group of former presidents, some of the biggest producers in the world, Nobel Prize winners and health experts have decided to unite in an unprecedented project to seek alternatives to anti-drug policies that the evaluation of many, failed.
Wilton Junior/AE
Wilton Junior / AE
Consumption. Marijuana seized in Rio: drug trafficking threatens democracy now, group says

On Monday in Geneva, the Global Commission on Drug Policy will be launched and will discuss, among several proposals, the decriminalization of marijuana, in an initiative that promises to cause controversy.

The group will include personalities such as Mario Vargas Llosa, Spain's Javier Solana, former secretary general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the former Swiss president Ruth Dreifuss and entrepreneur Richard Branson, Virgin Group. The bloc will be spearheaded by former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. For all, the difference is only one: the war on drugs in the last 40 years has not worked and drug trafficking threatens democracy. One conclusion of the committee's work area was the realization that the war on drugs has not worked and that new policies should also be designed, including the benefits and risks of an eventual elimination of criminal penalties against marijuana possession. The group will discuss alternatives for implementation of policies that can be more creative and efficient than the mere elimination of the criminalization of production or consumption. For group members, it did not reduce the trafficking or drug use in the last 50 years.

The international group will evaluate doctors, specialists and lawyers concrete recommendations for reform of drug policy in the world. The group will not deal only with production, but its channels of trade, consumption and political and economic impact. "


The Global Drug Commission is a creation of Edelstein Center for Social Research,Instituto Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Plataforma Democrática, Open Society Institute from George Soros. They also finance the International Drug Policy Consortium(Link) which was inspired by the Beckley Foundation(Link) and also financed by the European Commission (Link).

Interesting enough the Beckley Foundation(Link) just changed their logo, so that the former included All-seeing Eye cannot be seen anymore. Their original logo can be found here:

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