Wednesday, January 19, 2011

playing the daniel game

"The EU-funded EuroMed SALTO Youth programme has released a new multimedia game on the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. The game aims to improve the knowledge among young people and youth workers on the cultural and socio-political landscape of the Euro-Med countries, and on youth projecting, recreating the steps of the implementation of a project and by quick quiz rounds.
A press release says the game can be downloaded for free in two formats, for PC and Mac and is flexible and can be used, for example, in training activities, pre-departure training for volunteers and preparation for youth exchanges. It has two main options of playing - Playing the GAME and Answering the QUIZ - in order to give everyone the ability to adapt it for every possible activity and participants.
The game, which aims to serve as a useful educational tool in order to enrich the various activities in youth work, deals with Youth exchanges, European Voluntary Services and Training courses.
The EU will also be funding a regional project, EuroMed Youth IV, for the period 2010-2013 with a budget of €5 million under the European Neighbourhood Policy. The programme aims at stimulating and encouraging mutual comprehension among youth in the Euro-Mediterranean region, fighting stereotypes and prejudices and enhancing the sense of solidarity among youth by promoting active citizenship. It also seeks to contribute to the development of youth policies in the Mediterranean Partner Countries. (ENPI Info Centre)"

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