Saturday, February 19, 2011


in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen revolting Arabic peoples

1:20 pm - Algiers. A deputy of the RCD, Tahar Besbes, is seriously damaged because of a confrontation with the police during the walking(march) organized by the Algerian opposition against the regime.

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Place de la Perle à Manama (Bahreïn) (Reuters)Place(Square) of the Pearl in Manama (Bahrain) (Reuters)

The evolution, the hour per hour, the contesting in Arab countries.


Saturday, February 19th:

1:40 pm - Tunis Tunisians' hundreds demonstrate in front of the embassy of France in Tunis to demand the departure of the new ambassador of France, Boris Boillon, for " his lack of diplomacy " and " its aggressiveness " during a meeting on Thursday with the press.

1:20 pm - Algiers A deputy of the RCD, Tahar Besbes, is seriously damaged because of a confrontation with the police during the walking(march) organized by the Algerian opposition against the regime.

12:15 am - Tunis The main Islamist movement in Tunisia, Ennahda condemns "deeply" the murder of a Polish priest, found knifed day before(wakefulness) near Tunis, considering that it was a question " an operation to divert(hijack) the Tunisians of the objectives of the Tunisian revolution ".

11:40 am - Algiers Important strengths of safety(security) and the tens of armored cars push away(repel) the first demonstrators come express their determination to finish it with the regime.

11:30 am - Cairo The Egyptian army announces that it was not going to sanction(punish) a serviceman having fraternized live on the television with the demonstrators antiregime having returned its weapon.

11:20 am - Djibouti Confrontations start again in a popular suburb of Djibouti between partisans of the opposition who demand the end of the regime of the president Ismaël Omar Guelleh, and polices.

11:15 am - Manama The Bahraini army withdraws from the place(square) of the Pearl in the center of Manama, one of the conditions required(demanded) by the opposition to begin(affect) a political dialogue.

11 o clock - Madrid Javier Solana J, the former minister of European diplomacy, says himself " frustrated by the answer " of the EU to the events of these last weeks in Egypt, considering that it would have been necessary " to speak more and to accompany better " this movement.

10:50 am - Algiers More than 200 persons defy the important police device spread(displayed) in the center of Algiers to show(demonstrate).

10:30 am - Sanaa A student shot by dead and five others are hurt(damaged) in clashes with partisans of the regime around the University of Sanaa.

9:50 am - Ankara Turkey declares itself worried in front of outburst of violence which accompany demonstrations(appearances) arisen for three days in Libya and call the parts(parties) to the " civil peace ".

9:25 am - Brussels Catherine Ashton considers that the political dialogue promised by the crown prince of Bahrain " should begin immediately ", saying himself " profoundly worried " about the appeal to the strength by the strengths of safety(security) against demonstrators.

8:30 am - Cairo The governmental strengths of safety(security) killed at least 84 persons in Lybie during three days of demonstrations(appearances), asserts the Human Rights Watch organization.

7:20 am - Manama A senior official of the Bahraini Shiite opposition, Abdel Jalil Khalil Ibrahim, requires(demands) the resignation of the government and the retreat(withdrawal) of the armed forces of the streets of Manama to answer the offer of dialogue made the day before(wakefulness) by the crown prince of Bahrain.

6 hours - Libya The access to the internet is cut in Libya where the regime tries to prevent the anti-governmental demonstrators from getting organized and from communicating between them. LINK

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