Saturday, February 05, 2011

ISRAEL: Egypt gas pipeline explosion raises energy concerns

Israel's quest for cleaner energy sources just got muddied, with the explosion in a pipeline supplying natural gas from Egypt. The explosion occured at a measuring station in Arish and damaged the line supplying Jordan. The line supplying Israel was shut down at first as a precaution. This proved wise as it turned out that the fire overheated the pipe and compromised the entire supply line. It will take several days to cool and for the supply to resume. Link Link see also:

All eyes on the Suez Canal as bomb shuts gas pipeline

An Egyptian church was bombed in the Sinai Peninsula of the country, the Associated Press reported on Saturday. The church was entirely empty when the unknown attackers detonated the bomb. Nobody has been reported to have been injured in the attack on the Holy Family Church in Rafah near the border with the Gaza Strip. Officials revealed that the attackers also removed a cross outside the church. LINK

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