Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Kusturica Hollywood

During the Bosnian war, the great Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica (Black Cat, White Cat, Underground) has lost his city, disfigured in the clashes. 5 years ago, he finally arrived to replace it. His solution? Build his own village. His world where he reigns as mayor proclaimed today.

Küstendorf (the name of the village in question) is the subject of a fascinating text by Gary Lawrence published on the website of The News. A guided tour of one of the top tourist destinations by award-winning cinema lovers. A site of 4500 hectares arranged entirely by the director who took refuge when he gets the chance. You could almost see a sort of mini-Hollywood where Kusturica has called himself the streets and squares in honor of his hero (Federico Fellini street, the street-Jim Jarmusch, the square-Diego Armando Maradona- ...) and where there is even a statue of Johnny Depp (actor was guest of honor at the last Festival of Film and Music Küstendorf, an event that Kusturica was established to bring forward the work of authors and new talent).

Welcoming each year not less than 300 000 tourists and curious Küstendorf now has its chapel, hotel, two restaurants, a cinema underground, bookstore, daycare, a studio, and even a prison where there are only two thugs behind bars: George W. Bush and Javier Solana, NATO's position when Belgrade was bombed during the Kosovo war. Typically Kusturica.

Anxious to be of its time, the filmmaker has even resulted in the construction of its village adheres to very strict rules on energy conservation. Recovery of old materials, very few concrete, respect for nature and relief and heating with wood pellets.

The new Hollywood is now entering the vast mountains of Serbia. Link


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