Friday, February 11, 2011

more V-talk

"In his speech, and after watching a video on his political life, Solana thanked for the award "without own merits I was invited to join the distinguished family of Europeans who have preceded me," and stressed that he considers "a new incentive for action. " (???)

He evoked some of the moments of the "vast" life story of Emperor Charles V, who was, as he said, the first monarch to sacrifice national interests for the benefit of the community, of international politics "and struggled to reconcile antagonisms, and that's why should serve as inspiration for the Europe we now intend to build. "...

Former Polish President Alexander Kwasnievsky has been asked to deliver the "laudatio" to Javier Solana, and about his figure he stressed that this is someone who "sailed cautiously in national and European water and was more successful in
strengtheningthe EU's common denominator than anybody else. " LINK

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