Thursday, February 17, 2011

signed by Solana:


Tunisia, Egypt, the Mediterranean: Europe must act and act now!

"Now that the wall of fear has fallen, the pride of nations has been restored and new prospects are opening up for the Euro-Mediterranean region as a whole...
It is for this very reason that the European Union must shed its cloak of silence and begin shouldering its responsibilities...
We are at a critical juncture with many different ways forward. Hence we are of the view that an exceptional European Council should be convened as a matter of urgency so as to take stock of the situation in the South Mediterranean and to decide on a neighbourhood policy as ambitious and proactive as that directed at the countries of Eastern Europe. The exceptional Council meeting should launch consideration of common Euro-Mediterranean policies on water, energy, and food security. A strategic discussion, that would necessarily have to include Turkey, a key player in the Euro-Mediterranean region, on a new EU approach to the South Mediterranean, would show that Europe is awake to this challenge.
Following the 1998 uprising in Algeria, we failed to realise the depth of the legitimate desire for justice, freedom, and democratically elected government; 22 years down the line, let us not make the same mistake again. The exorbitant cost of political impasse and international indifference is measured in countless needless deaths. Europe must play its part in this new chapter of Mediterranean and world history that the Tunisian revolution is in the process of writing."
George Corm (former Minister, Lebanon), Kemal Dervis (former Minister of Economic Affairs, Turkey), Iqbal Gharbi (university academic, Tunisia), Günter Gloser (Bundestag deputy, Germany), Elisabeth Guigou (Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, France), Abderrahmane Hadj Nacer (former Governor of the Bank of Algeria), Mouloud Hamrouche (former Prime Minister, Algeria), Jean-Pierre Jouyet (President, AMF, France), Denis MacShane (Member of the House of Commons, United Kingdom), Fathallah Oualalou (former Finance Minister, Morocco), Josep Piqué (former Foreign Minister, Spain), Carmen Romero López (MEP, Spain), Javier Solana (former High Representative for European Foreign and Common Security Policy, Spain), Hubert Védrine (former Foreign Minister, France).

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also connecting with this: "Michèle Alliot-Marie is not the only French political figure with whom Aziz Miled has links. The Tunisian friend MAM also happens to be one of the financiers of IPEMed, a think tank - focus group - founded in 2006 by Jean-Louis Guigou, the husband of the Socialist Elisabeth Guigou, the latter of which is Vice-President. The information was revealed in Le Canard chains, released Wednesday.

The association, whose purpose is to promote the Euro-Mediterranean relations through conferences, meetings and debates with figures like Jean-Pierre Raffarin and Henri Guaino, has a committee of political patronage. It meets every year, with the beautiful world, Alain Juppe, Hubert Vedrine, as well as foreign dignitaries such as the High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana and former European Commission President Romano Prodi.

No relationship with sponsors

The committee of political patronage, a showcase of the association, would not look at the management IPEMed, and no relationship with his patrons. It is in all cases what the association said Wednesday on its website, presenting themselves as "independent, both organizational and financial, political power, as each of the companies that contribute to its financing." The association added that "two members of its governing bodies lead today in Tunisia, in the transitional government, the implementation of reforms."

For his part, during a meeting with the Parliamentary Press Elisabeth Guigou defended itself by stating that "the think tank seminars, symposia, but has no kind of commercial, industrial or financial."

Among the generous donors IPEMed, 3.5% are Tunisians include Aziz Miled, but also two other Tunisian businessmen, Ismail Mabrouk and Hedi Jilani.

The assets of these men had been frozen by Switzerland in late January. But since then the country has backtracked and their names were deleted from the famous list." LINK

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