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Solana: "Within hours we will see the realization of the aspirations of many people"

2011.02.11: Over 300 European personalities

to attend the ceremony of awarding Javier Solana with the

European Prize "Carlos V" today.

"aspiration" (ăs'pə-rā'shən) pronunciation

  1. Expulsion of breath in speech.
  2. The act of breathing in; inhalation.
    1. A strong desire for high achievement.
    2. An object of such desire; an ambition.
farmer: "this connects 'desires' with 'breath' and 'wind '

/realization=give life to image/desires/dreams

2nd beast(out of the earth) helps 1st beast (out of the sea):

14 Because of the signs he was given power to do on behalf of the first beast, he deceived the inhabitants of the earth. He ordered them to set up an image in honor of the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived. 15 He was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that it could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed." revelation 13

PARIS, Feb 10 (EFE) .- The group of imminent personalities of the Council of Europe, chaired by former German ForeignMinister Joschka Fischer , will meet next week in Madrid to discuss, among other issues, education and media, reported Today the agency. At the meeting, which will take place next Friday and Saturday, will also figure on the contribution of civil society to combat discrimination and promote mutual understanding within multicultural societies in Europe, said the Council of Europe a statement.

During the meeting are scheduled contacts with the UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations, Jorge Sampaio, and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of Spain, Juan Antonio Yáñez-Barrionuevo. Among the group's members are former High Representative for Foreign Policy of the European Union (EU) Javier Solana, the former Italian MEP Emma Bonino and British analyst Timothy Garton Ash.EFE Link

Javier Solana, has said on Thursday that Europe "is required to accompany" to Egypt in its "transition.""I think we have great news today and going in the direction of what we desired, the attainment of the aspirations of many people, people who have expressed their wishes," Solana stated at a briefing with the media in Jarandilla de la Vera (Cáceres). He then felt that it "must be accompanied by the Europeans to realize the dreams of Egyptian citizens . " "We have to do so primarily because we have much to share," he noted. Link

Solana: "Within hours we will see the realization of the aspirations of many people"
02.10.2011 / 20:20 h

Jarandilla de la Vera (Cáceres), Feb 10 (EFE) ..."Today we have great news and in the direction we have always wanted, at least me," Solana said in a press conference in Jarandilla de la Vera (Cáceres) by reason of receipt of the European Prize from the hands of Carlos V Prince of Asturias and in allusion to rumors that President Hosni Mubarak would announce his resignation today.

In his view, in the coming hours, you will see "the realization of the aspirations of many people across the Mediterranean, whether in Tunisia before and, in this case, in Egypt."

In this regard, stressed that the citizens of these countries "have demonstrated tenacity desires that your country has changed." (farmer: "winds of change")

Similarly, has argued that this "new journey" that Egypt undertakes the obligation of the Europeans is "without interfering to accompany them to come true the dreams and aspirations of so many people but not just because being neighbors, separated by a sea, but because they share many things, among them the future. "

"They have extraordinary winds blowing in the Mediterranean are taking younger people from these countries to realize their dreams and I'm happy, happy, and pretty sure that something important will happen tonight and I like to enjoy it because Yuste After all is part of Europe, "he assured.

Javier Solana has stressed that authoritarian regimes have an expiration date that comes sooner or later "but comes to all," so now the role of Europe is "to help, understand what is going on without interference and without imposing anything to anyone ", because it is" the fate of their citizens. "

(farmer: again: expiration =also: "exhalation", "breath out"!)

On the other hand, Javier Solana has stressed that there are regimes in the Arab world "have been unjustly subjected to a de facto election and the election was the charge to leave or lie in the hands of radical Islam or be in repressive authoritarian regimes."

In this regard, he added that it seemed there could only be those outings, but today it is found that "there are other outputs and which are showing young people who can not see that these two directions."

He has also held that "some Western countries have been too scared address these two actions and have been more concerned about the security value for the development of those people living in those countries."

For this reason, stressed that "everything good is happening because if you do things right, this adds security for all."

Finally, said he has seen how the Muslim Brotherhood, "which are a group accused of being radical, has already been received by Vice President of Egypt because they all have to be part of the process and because this is the best way for anyone stand out "and reach" the middle path, that of democracy, human rights also leads to economic and social progress. " EFE 1010473 Link

Also if former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel Shlomo Ben Ami, who participated in yesterday's (08.02.2011) Open Master Class led by Javier Solana at ESADE, believes that Israel has nothing to do with the revolution that is occurring in the Arab world (Link), remember EU's Margot Wallströms speech in CAIRO/EGYPT when Herb Peters was still among us?

"Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, As I have tried to point out, the European Neighbourhood Policy does not replace the process launched ten years ago in Barcelona. It renews it, clarifies it and breathes fresh life into it.
(March 14, 2005
- Margot Wallstrom, Vice-President of the European Commission original ending to speech on 7 year ENP treaty given at the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly in Cairo: see also here:

This was the speech that was removed from the EU's official homepage and came back with changed words 2 days is the original: LINK

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