Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aspen Spain takes off

 El Instituto Aspen España comienza su andadura

The Aspen Institute Board of Trustees of Spain has held its first meeting Tuesday with the aim of establishing the basis of operation of the Foundation Aspen Institute Spain, establishing a project of activities for this year.

The meeting was chaired by Javier Solana, and attended Cesar Alierta, Francisco González, José Manuel Entrecanales, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, Juan María Nin and José María Segovia.

This body, constituted as a foundation last December, aims to promote the exercise of social responsibility and reflection on the principles that define an open society, and provide a neutral environment for discussion of matters of general interest .

The model defined by Aspen Institute in the United States has some additional features to those of the institutions active in Spain, reports Servimedia

Its strong presence in the United States and in countries like Italy and India allows you to take the overall culture of dialogue in Aspen and its academic and organizational models.

Among the activities to be carried out this year include the Aspen Conference Spain, scheduled for May 31 and attended by Paul Volcker and other representatives of the international and Spanish financial sector.

Also be carried out training programs and thematic meetings and Aspen Dialogues in a restricted document. LINK

Foto de la Noticia
Photo: IRIN


The foundation chaired by Javier Solana, Spain Aspen Institute, has established bases of operation of the foundation in a project activity for 2011, the first meeting of the Aspen Institute Board chaired by Javier Solana Spain.

At the meeting, which was attended by the chairman of Telefonica, Cesar Alierta, the chairman of BBVA, Francisco González, the president of Acciona, José Manuel Entrecanales, the chairman of Iberdrola, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, the president of La Caixa, José María Nin, president and partner of Uría Menéndez, José María Segovia, has highlighted the foundation's goal to promote the exercise of social responsibility and reflection on the principles that define an open society.

In this sense, Aspen Institute, stressed that "the backbone of public debate and the strengthening of civil society is an objective necessity," so that from the foundation held conferences, seminars and dialogues.

Thus, the Spanish institution is defined as an independent foundation that bears the features of the Aspen model and uses the program "emblematic" of the United States, although adapted to the Spanish context.

Aspen Institute as Spain, the U.S. model has characteristics that complement those of the institutions active in Spain, as the non-partisan, which brings together all sectors of society, or the importance attached to values ​​such as leadership that responds to a demand from business leaders. LINK

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The EU and Recent Events in the Southern Mediterranean

- INSS By ~Shimon Stein

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The historic events underway in the Middle East took the European Union, along with many other elements and observers, by surprise...ramifications of possible changes on Israel’s relations with the EU.


The intention is to have concrete proposals formulated by April 2011, when a comprehensive examination of the ENP will take place.


Thus, negative ramifications for the Israel-EU relationship may be in store.


Note: April 2011 would technically qualify as "in the midst" of the 7-year European Neighbourhood Policy Instrument (ENPI), 2007-2013. Fwiw.