Saturday, March 19, 2011

before some minutes:"...Sarkozy announced that allied air forces had already gone into action.".LINK

from a Spanish comment (translated): "The first thing to say is that military intervention in other input is the failure of European diplomacy. ...At least in this case we have a formal legal operation or a little more legal than others that have been made in recent times, among which should be highlighted Kosovo or Iraq. A law that is based on the increasingly accepted doctrine of humanitarian intervention, the right to intervene anywhere in the world to prevent massacres of civilians. The problem is who has the authority to define when and how to exercise that right. The Arab League supports the intervention in Libya is pure sarcasm and will have to tread lightly to explain why Libya itself and, instead, does not take into account the possibility of acting in Bahrain or Yemen. In the same way that today it is quite confusing and difficult to define what constitutes a humanitarian intervention. How that concept would apply, for example, what is happening in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians?...The United Kingdom, France, the United States, Spain ... have taken the step forward that surely was demanded, a bit late but at last they deployed. However, the substitute commissioner of Javier Solana will explain in a moment what has been their involvement in this matter. Now, after launching the military operation to stop the criminal actions of Gaddafi, it is urgent that politicians get down to work to advance the construction of a new international order. A new context in which fuzzy concepts that underpin the operation against the Libyan dictator clearly defined and not based on the interests of dominant powers shift. It is urgent to define parameters in which democratic should be based from now on international relations , relations that promote human rights more than the balance sheets of some multinational companies as they are incompatible, which would not necessarily have to happen." Link

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