Friday, March 18, 2011

heartfelt longing for the life wire

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From left to right, patrons of both organizations: Ignacio Polanco, president of PRISA, Carles Vilarubí, vice president of SHE, Valentin Fuster, Jose Manuel Entrecanales, chairman of Acciona,
the politician Javier Solana and Luis de Carlos, managing partner of Uria Menendez

A come-together of Solana foundations (he is part of all of them, see my past articles)...: "The Pro-CNIC Foundation and SHE signed yesterday a cooperation agreement to promote cardiovascular health. Born is the Live Initiative (Iniciativa Vive), coordinated by Valentin Fuster, director of the National Cardiovascular Research Center, which aims to improve health through research and prevention". Link

and have a look the first number in the link of the following related article:

in better English:
""...Valentin Fuster is well aware. The cardiologist, director of the National Cardiovascular Research Center (CNIC), Ministry of Science and Innovation, and the Cardiovascular Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, explains that science needs to engage the private sector. José Manuel Entrecanales, chairman of Acciona, agrees: "The company has a social obligation to fulfill."Link

While the European press landscape tries to give an impulse to breath new life into the European Union by calling back Solana, now in conection with Libya:

"The division of the Western public opinion is understandable to a negotiation of farce: a lot of people do not see good reasons to intervene in a civil war and supporters know that the intervention comes too late, even if Gadhafi is quick to raise his arms to save time now that has almost accomplished his victory. The diplomatic incompetence of the European Union has been so blatant as regrettable and causes HEARTFELT LONGING for the days of Javier Solana. And the double standards of the Western Pacific is in evidence because the Libyan regime is as indefensible as obvious commercial reasons for military intervention..." Link

"With the Lisbon Treaty, the foreign policy of the Union to gain clout. Of these propagandistic slogan remains after the Arab spring hardly anything about. Despite the increased powers and new EU diplomatic service of the High Representative Catherine Ashton bakes little about it. It lacks the flair, authority and influence of its predecessor, Javier Solana. Ashton is still no match for the government and in the cases that really matter, let them systematically exclude people." Link and ah yes, do not forget...

"Tony Blair: We must breathe new life into the peace process" Monday, Feb 14, 2011 in Office of Tony Blair, Office of the Quartet Representative LINK

I know a better life wire.

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Anonymous said...

i know a better life wire Jesus Christ i got a new born-again life-an eternal one! the path these poor-and proud-folks are on is certainly not leading to life. there is a way that seems right unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of death. proverbs 14:12

Anonymous said...

Might be interesting to keep track of the languages in which "positive" articles and/or op eds are being published; the second appears to be in Dutch, which would make a list as follows:

1) Spanish (multiple; a given)
2) Italian
3) Dutch