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a lybian opportunity - no more wasted years

Rome, March 2 (TMNews) - "There's no time to lose, it's time to boost Euro-Mediterranean policy"... Europe must "accompany the change in the way of avoiding paternalism" and "must do so immediately." JS LINK

"The occasion of Libya

The thoughts of Javier Solana are essential to build a strong bond Mediterranean.We make no fly zones, but do not forget the Turkey ..

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The last one (on the) left (!)
March 14, 2008

'It's time to give new impetus to the Euro-Mediterranean policy, there is no time to lose. " If not what happens, Solana señor? "Otherwise it happens that there is a risk of causing a sense of frustration among the people who now call democracy - said the Spaniard who until 2009 headed the EU's foreign policy - there is a danger that Europe may feel neglected by late '. Instead, he explains, "there are no expectations on us we have to answer, without imposing anything. We must accompany the change, in terms of economic and political, in the way of avoiding paternalism. And we must do it now. "

Francisco Javier Solana de Madariaga, 69, Socialist, is a physicist who has made the policy of NATO and the Secretary for ten years, "foreign minister" of the EU. The passion for the North African revolution, estimates that "the international community has done well and the Security Council has passed strong resolutions quickly, without hesitation, applying the principle of" responsibility to protect. " It 's been legitimate, provides: "A state was acting against its own citizens. If we do not act now, when we had had to do it? ".

Others see a race between the U.S. and Europe to take advantage of the time and gain hegemony over North Africa. You?

"I think so far the reports were very accurate. U.S. and EU have used, along with all the tools at their disposal. By vocation, I hope always to see Europe play an important role on the international stage. But that is not why I have no reason to criticize what we have seen so far. "

The sanctions against Libya are games. Other measures are in preparation. It shares the "no fly zone"?

"I support any action to avoid a repetition of the tragedies we have witnessed in recent days."

In the past, Europe has been too good with Gaddafi?

"Let's say that there have been ups and downs. After the events of Lockerbie and the dispute over weapons of mass destruction, we went a bit 'too far in normalizing relations. Of course there was a desire to put things right, but given the precedents, we were too fast. "

Premier Berlusconi urged to be wary of Gaddafi exile. Seems like the Italian attitude?

"In Geneva, the Minister Frattini was clear and has placed Italy in a position consistent with that of the EU."

The Euro-Mediterranean policy is a blank. What's the answer?

"We tried in 1995 with the Barcelona process,(farmer: by Solana himself) then in 2008 with the French plan (farmer: officially inaugurated at Solanas birthday July 14). It did not work. After the Paris summit that Sarkozy and Mubarak were side by side, there have been other meetings. The Secretary of the Union for the Mediterranean has resigned and his seat is empty. We have to stop to think about what we can really do before the events of recent weeks. The crisis has problems and opportunities. "

What is the formula?

"There is nothing to be invented. The Euro-Mediterranean world is a reality in the global order, the track is marked. We would be fools if we did not try to deepen ties, through political and economic interaction. It should do everything possible to bring Morocco and Algeria, the Maghreb otherwise would never be an easy score. Tunisia, Libya and Egypt are central to any strategy, but one must not neglect Lebanon, Syria and the Middle East. Everything must be considered together. Everything requires a new impetus. "

Forgot Turkey ...

"Woe to do so. It would be a mistake to give the impression that Ankara is out of our priorities. "

Northern Europe has the momentum of the Club Med

"They must understand that this is not a matter that concerns only part of the continent. Here is a question of stability of all. In the past we did a great job for the democratization of Eastern Europe, has been a rapid and peaceful change, facilitated by the prospect of EU membership. For the Mediterranean will be more complex, they do not have this goal. The effort is greater. "

He sees the threat of a biblical exodus from Sirte to Italy?

"It will depend on whether the choices will be balanced. Libya is an underpopulated country with many resources. We must help create conditions so that people do not have reasons to leave. Is it 'possible? It 's our bet. " LINK


Anonymous said...

Believe it may be important to point out that the first news link is in Italian, which may be notable as Italy is on the "front line" of a potentially enormous influx of refugees from Libya, etc., and the EU, so far, seems to have been less than accommodating in response to Italy's concerns regarding same. Although currently out of power, the very good doctor's sense of "urgency" no doubt, is appreciated by Italians, at large. Nothing like making use of a crisis to boost one's popularity. FWIW.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Just noticed that the 2nd news link is also in Italian, which adds support to the above argument. FWIW.